Out in space:Interstellar

Hi everyone!

I love going out and watching all kinds of movies. The first movie that I’m going to review on this blog that I saw is Intersteller.

Came out November 5, 2014

Rated: PG-13

Genre: Science Fiction

Running Time: 169 minutes

The quick story is: This story takes place in the future (of course) where there is a severe drought, which has killed most of the world’s crops. Humans are dying of starvation and disease. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) a former pilot/engineer has started his new life as a farmer. Cooper’s daughter has a love for science and she swears she’s got a ghost in her bedroom leaving messages in code. Cooper finally tries to help his daughter with the code. This leads them to a secret lab run by Professor Brand (Michael Caine).  Brand reveals that they sent a group of scientists through a wormhole leading to another galaxy. There’s now a small group of people who must embark on a mission to see whether any of those scientists found the planet.

You’ll have to watch the movie to see the rest of the plot.

My opinions: I was so excited to hear that Christopher Nolan was directing another movie. I absolutely love his movies. When I heard that it was supposed to be a outer-space movie, I wasn’t as excited since I’m not really into those movies. However, I was surprised of how well it was made. First of all, great actors and actresses. The visuals are gorgeous. It did take some time for the movie to really get going but then it really caught my attention.

If you have some extra money in your pocket and want to go out and watch some movie on the big screen…this is the movie to see.

Now, there is a bit of language and violence so you should maybe watch the movie first before letting your younger teens watch this movie.

Rating:  When it comes to space movies, this is the best one of the year. I really enjoyed it. So my rating is .

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t watched it yet!

Make sure you watch this movie and tell me what you think of it.

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  1. I have been dying to watch this movie ! My parents have this weird thing about not letting me go to a movie theatre alone. So I am still trying to convince at least one friend to go with me. I hear nothing but rave reviews.


  2. Hey Steve! Thank you so much for your feedback! I went through your blog and I found the way you talk about so many different things really interesting, I like the way you write too. Keep it up!
    Happy blogging, bud 🙂


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