Trip Lee Rises to the top:Rise by Trip Lee

Here’s my second post and I’ll be reviewing Rise by Trip Lee. Trip Lee has been one of my favorite Christian hip-hop/rap artists. For a while, he took a break from producing songs and went to be a pastor. Then out of no where it seems, he told everybody on social media that he was coming out with another album. I was super pumped and couldn’t wait. GAWVI( one of the best producers) produced the whole album and you can tell the difference.

Genre: Hip/Hop

Release Date: October 28, 2014.

I will highlight the songs that caught my attention.

Starting with Rise, it was absolutely amazing. The song and in fact the album is all about rising in your faith in God and the troubles of this world.  This was my second favorite song.

Lights On continues the “GAWVI sound” with the bright synths and big drums.

Manola, which means “God with us” in Spanish was the second single featuring Lecrae. This song has what I would like to call “Hard rap.” Another interesting addition to the album.

You Don’t Know is a beautiful song of praise. I love the chorus. It’s a song about the joy of finding Christ.

All Rise Up is a song about the success of Reach Records(the label)  because of what God has done to help them. become something great. He’s basically telling the story of how it got started.

I’m Gone is my favorite song on the album. It’s a song about discussing the Devil’s trickery  and to stay away from it. It has an upbeat piano part. Here’s the Youtube video and All Rights go to Trip Lee and Reach Records.

The album ends beautifully with Sweet Victory featuring Dimitri Mcdowell & Leah Smith. This song discusses how we feel when we have with Christ. Such a great way to end the album.

Thoughts: At first, I was excited but when I heard Shweet (the first single) I wasn’t so impressed. It had an interesting tune and beat but it wasn’t my favorite. However, as each of the singles came out and then the full album came out, I absolutely fell in love with it. I’m so glad Trip Lee came back and even with GAWVI. They made a great team and they had a different sound, which is nice.


Please tell me what you think about this album and the different songs. Like always, I have a poll that you can participate in.

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