Obsessed with Lindor Truffles is a good thing!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, my mother came over to me and I saw that she was holding something behind her back. I asked, “What do you have?” She then showed me and it was those Lindor Truffle candies that I absolutely love! She got them from Costco on sale. She bought 2 bags of them! You’re either 1. Jealous and are craving them. 2. Wondering if that’s healthy of me to have that much candy.

Instead of naming a bunch of facts I want to convince you that Lindor Truffle candies are healthier than you think. For every 3 balls that you eat, there are 220 calories. That’s actually not that much  when you think of other food out there. There’s also hardly any cholesterol (5mg) Sugar and Carbohydrates could be a lot worse. Just don’t look at the fat or sodium and you’ll think you will be eating something great that’s pretty healthy compared to other things. There’s no trans fat either. I even lost weight the past few days after eating like 10 of those things…of course I exercised like crazy.

Okay, maybe I didn’t exactly show you evidence that these truffles are the healthiest but they are good. They are very good! I love how they have a shell on the outside with the great flavor inside. There’s dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazel nut, and peanut butter.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

Have a great day!



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  1. OMG, Lindor truffles, Lindor truffles! I hate you for reminding me of them because I love them so much…


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