The first Icecream

Hi everyone!

This is my first official blog post about food.

What do I love the most you ask? “Icecream, Icecream, we all scream for icecream.” I know I do. I always like to have icecream once a week. My favorite flavors are chocolate, peach, and vanilla bean. It’s hard to imagine all of the flavors we have today. I just saw an ad for chicken wing icecream. The one positive is that it’s got to have more protein than “normal” icecream. BTW: Normal is anything that tastes good in my opinion. Although, if you like chicken wing icecream…please tell me why?

You can probably finish a cup of icecream in a minute or if you’re trying to enjoy it like I do, 3 minutes. Here’s the story of the icecream -who and when it started and other interesting facts.

Iced desserts are dated back to at least 400 BC in Persia. You know who especially loved Icecream? Roman Emperor Nero. Back then, it wasn’t so easy to make icecream. Nero had his slaves go into the mountains and fetch snow to mix with nectar, fruit pulp, and honey. They did that while he played his violin I guess.

Also, in A.D. 618-907: Icecream was still developing and getting easier to make. China’s T’ang of Shang had his slaves make icecream. However, since it was still took much time and effort to make, the icecream was mainly for the country’s rulers.

Let’s now go to the date 1843 where we have much to thank Nancy M. Johnson for her contribution to icecream. Until September 9, 1843, ice cream was made by the “pot freezer method.” She got her “artificial freezer” patented, containing a tub, cylinder, lid, dasher, and crank. This design is still used today.

1850: So now there was a better method to make icecream but who do we do we also have to thank. A Baltimore dairyman Jacob Fussell opened the first commercial ice cream factory. He had a surplus of cream—so he built an ice cream factory in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania. Fussell then became the father of the wholesale ice cream industry.

1939: Grocery stores didn’t start selling ice cream until the 1930’s and by WWII, ice cream had become so popular that it turned into a American symbol. Here’s another fun fact:  Mussolini banned it in Italy for that same reason. By the 1943’s, the U.S. Armed Forces were the world’s largest icecream manufactuers since icecream helped keep the troops morale upbeat. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy…unless you eat it too quickly and get a brain freeze.

Since I’m on brain freeze topic I might as I well say this…When the icecrem touches the roof of your mouth, the blood vessels begin to contract in response in an effort to prevent loss of body heat. That’s why people may touch their roof of their mouth with their hands to get their palate (top of your roof of your mouth) warmed up.

I would be curious as to what your favorite icecream is. I just had a great fresh peach icecream topped with a banana, whipcream, with a side dish of a extreme chocolate cookie with milk. So amazing!!!!


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