One Direction troubles

Some of my girl cousins are extreme 1D fans. I like to joke around with them…keep that in mind! Before I pronounce judgement on a band I always like to listen to their music. Jokingly, I told them that I was so addicted to their music. Therefore, I spend my nights having their music run through my heard, causing me to lose sleep. so I don’t want to listen to their music anymore. I used the titles of some of their songs to tell the story of my troubles.  My cousins thought it was clever and hilarious and I hope you think the same even if you don’t like 1D. The titles are capitalized.

“It’s beginning to be the Story of My Life. It’s the One Thing I don’t like and it’s the One Direction I don’t want to be heading. It wasn’t even the Best Song Ever that you played. It’s the Little Things I don’t like about them. One Way or Another I Want and I Wish to figure out a way to not listen to them. The songs have Taken my sleep away by keeping me Up All Night thinking of a way to not listen to them. I just keeping telling myself, C’mon, C’mon… this can’t be happening to me. You & I know that It’s Moments like this that make us believe there’s got to be More Than This in life.”

I quote what one of them says, “That’s what happens when 1D gets under your skin! They get to you One Way or Another!!!!!!”

Hope you enjoyed that!

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