Shinedown – Amaryllis Music Review

Yeah, I know Shinedown came out with the album  “Amaryllis”  Mar 23, 2012 but if you haven’t listened to this album then you’re not a real rock fan. At least that’s my personal opinion.

Amaryllis starts off with a bang with  Adrenaline…seriously! I found my toe tapping the ground so much that I made a hole in the ground. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration but I love this song. Love his voice. This is the kind of song that I would just like to blast in my speakers. This song is about getting ready for a fight and going places where others haven’t been able to go.

Bully will appeal to many people who have been bullied in their lives.

Amaryllis the title track gets better as the song goes on.

Unity has probably the best message in this song.

Enemies is one of my favorites on this enemies. After the third time of listening to it, the words are stuck in my head so whenever I meet one of my “enemies” in my life, I start whispering it…gets creepy for my “enemies.”

I’m Not Alright is also one of my favorites on this album. I think the background sound added a lot to this song. You gotta watch yourself from singing this song in front of your “enemies” or…you get the point. This song is admitting that sometimes you can be a bit different than other people but saying that it’s okay. It’s okay being different, original, or unique.

Nowhere Kids returns to the energetic rock that Shinedown is known for.

Miracle and I’ll Follow You are both beautiful love songs in my opinion. I especially love  Brent Smith’s (the lead singer) voice in these song. 

I was looking for a low point in this album and it was going to be this song, For My Sake, but it got better!

Honesty, I especially love energetic songs that are rocky but my favorite of this album was the last song on the album, Through the Ghost. I think the chines had a huge affect in this song. There was an interview with Shinedown and they said, “It’s about looking through the haze and getting things clear and again it’s autobiographical from Brent. He couldn’t see things clearly from the haze of booze, pills or whatever but now he’s come through all that.”  All rights go to Shinedown.

This is an amazing album. There wasn’t a bad moment in this album. I would buy the album because it’s amazing!!! If you don’t know about this band, then you have to check out more of their songs. This was an improvement from Sound of Madness, which was their earlier album. They are fun to watch live!

Honesty, I can’t give this album anything lower than . One of the few albums out there that I give this kind of rating.

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  1. I love them! I’ve seen them live about sixteen times. Awesome!


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