Top 3 songs on my playlist for this week

Hi everyone!

How did your week go? Mine was especially hectic with school and life in general. The only thing that got me through this week was my music. Now, I have close to 500 songs in my collection of songs that I listen to. I listen to a bunch of music. I like all kinds of music. Every week I’ll try to introduce you to the music I’ve been listening to. You might no some of these songs or not!

In no order of my preference here’s the first song!

I absolutely love Shinedown. They’re one of the few good rock bands that are still going now. I absolutely love their version of this song. Love the piano part and the voice of this guy…amazing!!!

All rights go to Shinedown and The Live Room.

Another cover of Hideaway by Kiesza, which turned out to be a music hit! I love how Ben Howard was able to make a pretty good cover that was a dance-track. I personally love his music. Not a lot of people know who he is but I think he’s extremely talented. Check out his music!

All rights go to Ben Howard and BBC.

“I see Fire, I am Death” were the words that Smaug said right before the credits came on. Great movie by the way! Right when the music came on and I got chills going up my spine!! Absolutely love this song! This song actually was the first time that I had heard of Ed Sheeran. He’s got a lot of potential because he’s pretty good guitar player, singer, and lyric writer.

All rights go to Ed Sheeran.

Make sure you tell me what you think of these three songs and if you like them. What songs have gotten your attention this week?



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