I went to a friend’s wedding today. It was definitely non-traditional. There was a Disney theme. I felt like I was at Disney Land without the rides, which is by all means fine because I get dizzy. They didn’t have the traditional music that you would find at a wedding, for example Let It Go was playing in the background.

All through the wedding, I had this feeling that this marriage wasn’t going to work out. Every time I saw this guy, I got the wrong feeling that they’re going to divorce. He constantly was bossing her around and cutting her down. That is a great way to date… that is sarcasm at its best! So you wonder why would someone want to marry a guy like him? The answer is simple people – bad self-image and insecurity in yourself. There’s such a strong urge to get married these days that some people don’t take time to find the “perfect” person. I know other girls who are like this. They may be beautiful and have a great personality but their bad-self image makes them they aren’t good enough for anyone. So they go for the first “loser” guy who comes along who might just be interested in one thing.

For example, two of my cousins are dating pretty loser guys. One guy constantly is cutting her down by saying mean jokes. However, she’s not leaving him because this is her first boyfriend and she doesn’t think she could get anyone else. The guy even said not in front of her, “Marriage is not an option here. You won’t ever catch me marrying her.” That’s just sad.

You see girls that real gentlemen will make your whole self feel great. They won’t make fun of you but they will raise you up. While other guys will only be interested in raising one thing. So don’t go after those guys because their are always other guys who take you as you are.

My Experiences in Weddings

So I was in a wedding when I was really young. I didn’t really want to be in the wedding but I didn’t have a choice. So I was the ring bearer However, they didn’t let me have the rings so what’s the point for having a ring bearer. Yeah, I guess I was the only “cute” young boy that they could have the pictures but they didn’t trust me. It really hurt me. They gave me a pillow with a fake ring stitched to the pillow. They didn’t even let me hold the fake ring.

However, I was a good kid and smiled and waved my hands in the pictures. I guess they realized that they hurt my feelings because the food was amazing. I wasn’t into all of the fancy foods so they costumed made me a kid meal so that made me happy.

Then a couple of years later I guess the bride’s brother realized that I was a pretty good ring bearer so they “hired” me without giving me pay. I remember the wedding was outside and it was so hot! I had sweat coming down my back all the weddings. However, this time they trusted me with the ring and I didn’t disappoint them. Even better, they had one of those chocolate fountains that I dipped my strawberries into them. It was great! I found myself sitting right next to the machine so that was easy going back and forth.

The sad thing is that both of the marriages didn’t work out. All of the hard work that I had to put into looking great in front of the cameras was all for nothing. Obviously commitment wasn’t the most important thing but that’s a message for a later time.

What’s the most interesting and worse wedding you’ve ever been to? Do you cry at weddings?



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    But if I ever happen to come across one that offers chocolate fountain, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. šŸ˜€

    It’s sad those marriages didn’t work out. And you’re absolutely right, we should wait or the right person to come along before we take one of the most important decision in our life.

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  2. agreed. haha. the one and only wedding I’ve been to (as an adult) the groom mentioned the attributes he valued in his bride they were (in order) tall, cute and Puertorican

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