Pentatonix has brought Christmas early: Music Review

I know that I just talked about Thanksgiving yesterday but I just heard Pentatonix’s new album “That’s Christmas to Me.” I just don’t have very big Christmas collection so I always like to listen to new Christmas music.

Some things you have to know about first is that they are an acapella group comprised of 5 members. Everything including the bass and percussion comes out of their mouths, which is pretty cool!


Picture from Pentatonix.

The album starts off with Hawk! The Herald Angels Sing. At first, I thought it was a nice peaceful song but the tune wasn’t anything new that I’ve heard. However, I knew that Pentatonix would add their own music flavor and they did. They added a gospel feel with the normal tune, which I liked.

White Winter Hymm has a nice peaceful tune.

Sleigh Ride is very fun arrangement. It keeps getting better as the song goes on.

That’s Christmas to Me is a peaceful song about what makes Christmas means to the members of this group.

Mary, Did you Know? is a great arrangement. Second favorite song on the album.

Dance of the Sugar Plug Fairy…yes one of the songs in the Nutcracker is in their album. Using their voices, they create the tune. Very entertaining!

It’s the Most Wonderful Year shows off the bass’s voice and how low he can get. Definitely the most wonderful version of this song that I’ve heard.

Santa’s Claus Coming to Town is by the far most energetic song on this song. You also get to hear the percussion of the guy’s voice come out in this song.

Silent Night is a peaceful song of course. Beautiful vocals!

Of course the album ends with Let it Go. I mean it wouldn’t be right for a Christmas album to not end with this song. I definitely like their version more!

Thoughts: Is it Pentatonix’s best album…no but it’s a great Christmas album. It’s filled with their version of Christmas carols and fun songs. The album is filled with different styles as well. I will definitely have to buy some of these songs.

So when it comes to Christmas albums, I give it a rating of: 

What do you think of the songs that I posted? What Christmas songs or arrangements do you like the most?



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  1. Wow, I’ve always loved Acapella groups, I came to know about them after I watched ‘Pitch Perfect’ although it’s kind of hard to believe they actually play all that with their mouth.

    A question:
    In the first song, ‘Mary, Did you know?’ there are drum beats in the background, are they making that too?
    If yes, then they’re brilliant!
    I loved both the songs you posted! XD


  2. Yes, if you don’t play the song, “Mary, Did you Know?” then you can plainly see the guy on the clear left is the guy who does the percussion with his mouth. The guy on the second to right does the bass. It is definitely cool. I might have to post some of the other songs that I love of there’s later.


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