Dedicated to Penguins!

So this morning I was looking at my stats and it’s always amazing to see who my audience is. My blog has reached at least one country in every continent except Antarctica. You know, I’m kind of hurt a bit. I thought I had a chance to get some scientist to look at my blog but nope…didn’t happen. However, I must say that this blog doesn’t show my “smarts.”

I thought maybe the scientist would at least teach the penguins how to use a computer. I mean that would be an incredible research project. Yeah, there’s “global warming” and the ice is melting but teaching penguins to do various things is important for the survival of our planet! 😛

As you’ve probably seen in my About Page, one of my things I must do on my bucket is go to Antarctica and hang out with the penguins. Why do I have this fascination with them you ask? I think if I was an animal, I would be a penguin. They seem to want to have fun! *Check* They seem adventurous! *Check* They like fish! *Check* They hate seals! *Check* The list continues on. Yes, I don’t really like the cold but with their fur I would stay warm.

I love olives and penguins! This is the best kind of food there could be. Quite artistic!

black olive penguins

Picture from

Another artistic thing that you could do is polish your nails by making a penguin.




Picture from

Now, there is one thing for sure that scientists in Antarctica are doing for a penguin. Supposedly, there was a really shy penguin and scientists wanted to help the penguin out. So what do you do when you get a shy penguin? Any thoughts? The answer is simple – build a robotic penguin to spy and be with that penguin. Here’s the photo. All rights go to BBC Click and NBC News. To see a clearer picture, click on the picture!



Anyone see the movie, March of the Penguins? I’ve seen that movie 4 times. Happy Feet was the dumbest movie ever! I fell asleep somewhere in the first hour…didn’t even bother watching the second movie.



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  1. Ahhhh, I love penguins! This is such a lovely post! Though I don’t like olives, the nail art is more in my realm!

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