A Newsboys Holiday:Music Review

The band, Newsboys, came out with a Christmas album a couple of years ago and I really like their version of these songs.

The album starts off with All I want for Christmas is You and I know there’s many versions of this song but this is one of my favorite. Nice tune and I like how Michael Tait (lead singer) sings it.

Jingle Bell Rock continues the trend of a rocking album! Can’t help tapping your feet!

O Holy Night is beautifully sung by Michael Tait. The song keeps getting better!

I’ve always thought Winter Wonderland was a magical song but I love this version most of any.

The Christmas Song is the best on the album since it brings a lot of great memories to mind! Michael Tait’s great voice really is on display in this song – for a moment it sounds like Nat King Cole. It’s chilling as well!

All rights go to Newsboys

Thoughts: Honestly, this is a solid Christmas album filled with Christmas carols and fun songs. The only thing that I don’t like is that the album only has 5 songs! The Christmas Song is just amazing and so is Winter Wonderland. The album is worth a listen!


What do you think of the song or album?



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