Hit that Amazing 50 Follower Mark!

So after a hard day (I mean a really hard day in school!) I turned on my laptop to check sports and emails, I noticed that I got a quite a few new followers. I then logged into my Word Press account and noticed that I’m over 50 followers!! So that’s pretty amazing since I’ve only had this blog for 2 weeks and 4 days.

I never thought that I could get that many…I mean I knew that I had some interesting and funny things to say but you guys surprised me. I had a more serious blog before and I had a lot of success from that one but I honesty got bored with it after a while. I always like sharing with you guys my life and thoughts and hope that you will continue to follow my journey for (what might be) many years to come!

In honor of my most successful post to date, “Dedication to the Penguins”…


There are so many great blogs out there and make sure you check out everyone’s blogs. I follow 49 blogs and they are definitely great! Some days instead of reading a book I just like to see what others are up to. So every once in a while, I’ll highlight some of the blogs that are grabbing my interest.

1. First one that I found is probably the most top-notch blog that I’ve seen so far. It’s a travel blog and she’s gone to so many places. She’s got lots of pictures and advice. The one problem is that it looks like she hasn’t blogged in a long time but you can still have fun looking at her blog. The site is: http://trueeast.wordpress.com/

2. My blog was partly dedicated to this person and I absolutely love her blog if you haven’t checked it out. She discusses many other things and she’s very nice and honest. She’s currently a friend of mine. Give it up for Aakansha and her blog https://akansha1104.wordpress.com/. Watch out though since she claims to be a sorcerer. I think she was just joking with me since I claimed to be a mutant.

I’ve done a lot of research and if any of you need help, I can help you!

Happy Blogging to my Amazing Community!

Peace Out!



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