ODESZA brings a beautiful, melodic, and fun album with “In Return”

I love all kinds of music including electronic music. I just heard ODESZA’s new album and I think it’s the best overall electronic album that I’ve heard this year.

It’s sad that a lot of people don’t know about these two guys who are from Seattle Washington. The group is comprised of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. The band started off in 2012. This is their second album.

The first song, Always this Late kicks things off with with a very nice tune and is very well-done. These guys don’t just create a song that is made of sound but they create a wonderful experience that makes you think that you’re in a totally different world.

Say My Name featuring Zyra is based on the book, The Scarlett Letter. Love the tune and how the song and message continues. This is one of my favorites.

Bloom is seriously one of my favorites on the album. I think if any other group tried to attempt this song with the voice, they would fail but these guys always make the songs click.

All We Need featuring Shy Girls – Love the guy’s voice because it fits so well in this song.

Sundara is so chill! It would probably be my favorite song…the only bad part is that it’s incredibly short. All great things end too quickly in life, don’t they?

 White Lies featuring Jenni Potts starts with amazing vocals! One thing that I’ve noticed in this album is that ODESZA has gotten some of the best vocalists that would work for this kind of genre.

All Rights go to ODESZA.

Kusanagi has a bell or chime sound that is beautiful. You feel like you’re in a trance.

Echoes (features Py) and It’s Only (features Zyra) continue the trend of beautiful vocals with a well-done electronic sound.

Memories That you Call (Featuring Monsoonsiren) is probably the most fun sound on this album.

All rights go to ODESZA.

Sun Models – Keep hitting repeat please! I love this song. I’m addicted to the song! I like to close my sleep in my bed and just get lost in this song!

Final Thoughts: Obviously you can tell that I loved this album. Some people love Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Avicii, or Martin Garrix but I love these guys. If you want to listen to music with a tune, beautiful vocals, and be absorbed in the music, this is the music to listen to.

When it comes to electronic music, I give it a rating:



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