Shouting “Rain, Rain go away – Snow come again!

What’s up with it only snowing once so far – that was just a tiny bit as well! The Christmas season without snow just doesn’t feel right. It’s been raining a lot but we need colder weather…it’s already cold but it needs to get colder. I know this might seem strange for me to say because of my other post ( but I am ready to compensate having the weather be cold for snow!

At least for now, the only thing that I can do is look at pictures and videos from last year – You know, look at the good ol’ days when Nick Frost and the Mr. Cold Miser was around.

Very beautiful having snow on the tips of the tree branches!


Kind of a cool night picture shot of the snow!


However, most of all I would love to have enough snow to build a snowman to jump into!

Do you guys have snow where you live?



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  1. Only a 6 hour drive away but still great and hey: Snow in Australia is not bad 😉


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