Waitering, Eating Crow, and Continuing Christmas Traditions

So this past week I had nothing to do in the morning and afternoon so I helped out at my Church’s Woman’s Brunch. I was one of the waiters and I had one table of 8 people. I volunteered to do this so I didn’t get paid or get tips. However after I was done, I got to eat the leftover food, which was egg casserole, fruit, pastries, and drinks.

Talking about drinks, the people at my table loved to drink various drinks. About four of them were coffee alcoholics, two of them loved tea, and one of them wanted water constantly. I probably spent more time getting them drinks than food! I was happy that the other person couldn’t decide on what to drink…however that thought backfired on me since she told me to make coffee, and then when I made it and came back to her, she said she wanted tea instead. That made me mad but I was able to restrain myself from showing that emotion. So I made coffee again but kept that tea at hand… she then said, “Thank you,” and I left quickly to get some more food.

Who knows, I might decide to have a part-time job being a waiter.


Other than that, I was a pretty darn good waiter and I was told by them that I was “better” and more “handsome” than last years waiter at their table. I went all out in my looks as for my award for the “best waiter at the Brunch Award.” I of course gave it to myself.


The rest of the day…how do I put it? Hmmm… was absolutely terrible. It was like Wisconsin didn’t even show up! I know that I predicted the Wisconsin Badgers to win and they got totally slaughtered 59-0. Even though it was brutal, I watched the entire game since I’m 100% Wisconsin fan.  I told all of my friends that Wisconsin was going to beat Ohio st. and they didn’t – so now I’m eating crow. I was in a terrible depression and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I am an extreme badger fan! I don’t know if you saw my profile pic but I have so many badger gear, that I have to put all of my gear in one place so I know where it is…it might as well be used!



I thought it was funny to give him a belly since Wisconsin is known for its beer, cheese, and bratwursts.

This Christmas, I even asked my aunt and uncle (who give me all of the Christmas badger gear) to give me a badger scarf.

Since it’s Christmas, I think it’s good to post this picture as well.

badger christmas


Picture from badgergp.com

Getting closer to Christmas!




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