I need a break!

Great News: School and I have agreed to be apart for a while!

You know, I’m so excited because I have 6 more school days (not counting today). I get to take a nice break from school and enjoy it at its fullest! I get 17 days of tranquility…except my younger cousins who have so much energy are coming. I really do love them but after a while, I just can’t keep up with them. My boy cousin loves video games so maybe I’ll just let him sit and play video games for hours…no days!! Muahahaha!

Yeah, I do love to learn about various things but school’s been more boring than hard this year. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Last year was just murder! I had some tough classes and I signed up for 3 honors classes. This year I have only one.

The last couple of years my teachers have given me big projects to do over the Christmas break (don’t you just hate that?) but not this year. I asked my English teacher yesterday if I had any big projects that I have to get done. She said, “Nope. You have no English assignments that you have to get done.” I then said, “Oh, great! Then I can relax and take it easy.” She then said which burst my “happiness bubble”, “Your big assignment is a week or so after you come back from break.” I then tried to hypnotize her and say that I didn’t have any assignments due at all…it didn’t work. What can I say, she and I are best friends when it comes to teacher friends.

I’ve been reading Hamlet for my English class and here’s something that I’ve realized if you take a multiple choice Hamlet quiz, the answer will most likely be something that’s disappointing or sad. For example, I took a quiz and I can’t remember the question but the answer was something like someone is insane.



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  1. Its so good when you get a vacation right?! I had a month, yes a whole month of holidays this year! Bliss.

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