Don’t Whine or Be Eaten:What it really means to be put on the “Naughty List”

So I’m still getting the worse of the winter since it is still extremely cold and it’s gotten before freezing many nights but no…no snow at all. No sign of it at all so that’s kind of depressing.

There’s no point in ranting about the bitter cold with my friend who says ,” Suck it up you weenie.” I actually hate the heat more than the cold. I’d rather bundle up than take as many clothes off as possible. I honestly wasn’t really whining about the cold…I’m just writing this to make others (my readers) feel better about themselves and that they’re not alone. I think Santa will put me on the “nice list” for this.








The glasses are of course for protection from the cold because my eyes seem to freeze… it’s a weird feeling! *shakes head wildly* I like to go around in public this way so NO ONE knows who I am and of course I don’t go to banks dressed this way…that might be a bit suspicious. Oh, BTW: don’t go robbing banks or “Santa Claws” (A.K.A. Krampus) will mark you on the naughty list and he’ll give you lumps of coal (if you haven’t been so naughty). If you’re really naughty, you’ll be put in a bag and he’ll kill and eat you!

Happy Dreams and Merry Christmas!



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