What depression feels like:Rhyming

This is my first “From the Heart” post.

There was a time in my life where I was always depressed and I felt horrible. I kept it all to myself and that only hurt me more. This is what it felt like!

Before my life was crap and everything would sap my strength

Everyone would slap me and it felt like I was scrap metal

others clap about my handicap

felt like a gift wrap box with nothing good inside

 burst me like bubble wrap

only present that I unwrapped was from my only fan, death

They entrapped me in their booby traps

I put on my thinking cap but they would zap my thinking

I would strap myself with a chin strap but traps were everywhere

I feel like rap artist ranting about his problems but let me continue

My depression didn’t leave asap like the other chap

Frappes and gingersnaps helped him but not me

My life to others was just a mishap

 like a dog yapping about no food and tapping the door to get out and be free

I wish there was a map for freedom and independence but I was only kidnapped by my nightmares and fears


I learned how to not only deal with it but also how to get rid of it. Later, I’ll discuss that.









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