The British are invading my music playlist again:Music Review

This past weekend I was surfing Youtube for various new songs and albums and I always love to see who the most famous artists feature on their song – to find that new talent if you will.

So I was listening to an Eminem song, Desperation, and the guy on the album stole the show with his amazing vocals in the chorus. I mean, Wow! I also heard him in Big K.R.I.T’s song, “Saturdays = Celebration.”

Jamie N Commons (26-years old) is a blues rock and folk musician from England. He first started in 2011. He joined X Ambassadors to create a band. He’s the song-writer, vocalist, and guitarist of the group. His voice is much like Johnny Cash and Tom Waits. His voice has that deep, raspy, and gritty voice that I love!

So decided to check out his music on Youtube and he doesn’t have a lot of music but the quality of his music is amazing!

His song-writing ability comes out in this song.

Love the groovy beat. Almost like a dance track.

Another song that I like!

Do you like any of his songs?



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  1. found your blog on Community Pool and glad i clicked through. you have some great posts on here.


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