New Year’s Eve and Day-drinking, food, games, sick, and football

First of all, welcome to 2015 a day or two late depending on where you live!!!!


I went over to my uncle and aunt’s house to celebrate New Years Eve and my aunt’s birthday. I decided to be with family instead of going out and partying with friends and strangers who I don’t even know…to not risk drinking alcohol illegally and probably do something that I might regret. The strongest thing that I’ve ever tried is leaving out Martinelli’s for a long time to get hard. Honestly, I probably would never drink alcohol or especially beer because it doesn’t even look or smell good. Plus, I’d rather spend my money on Coke (the drink, not the drug.) Although, Coke is especially addicting for me. I’ve had so much Coke in the last week. Soft drinks are my kind of thing!

I honestly don’t have anything against people who drink alcohol. I don’t see the point but it’s ok. The problem is most people don’t know when to stop. The chemicals that go into your body are way stronger than you are. That’s a fact!! Anyone who says anything else about that, is a liar! Studies have proven that over and over! Check this out if you still disagree with me!

I’m not judgmental against people who drink just I think people are ignorant when they believe that drinking excessively won’t hurt them and most importantly hurt others! So people don’t think correctly and they become vulnerable to making dumb decisions. The reason why I’m so strong on this topic is because many people I know have died because they have either: 1. Not been strong enough to resist binge drinking and have killed themselves. 2. Some drunk person has killed someone somehow. I promised myself a long time ago that I would NEVER become subject to someone or something that would cause me to not think correctly or vulnerable. That would honestly become my worst nightmare – being subject to something else!

Anyway, we played many games like air hockey. I played my uncle twice and fairly beat him by a wide margin in the first game. He wanted to play again and I got my puck in his goal right when the timer went off. He said that the timer went off before the puck went all the way through and registered.

We also played a very fun game called Presidents. I got third place. For rules for this fun game go here:

When I was younger, I would only stay up until New York was midnight. I think I stayed up until 2:00 A.M. the next day this year.


The next day I got up sick. I was so sick and tired! It was kind of miserable the whole day but I tried to have fun and watch football with family and play games. I actually had to sleep for part of the day just to feel better. The good thing is that I’m all better – one of those 24 hour colds I guess. The one good thing that happened on the first was the badgers won!!! They beat the Auburn Tigers in overtime. The kicker shanked the field-goal, which would have sent the game into the 2nd overtime. I sort of feel bad for the kicker but whatever…badgers won! I screamed so much in that game that my throat hurt more! So far, the SEC sucks in the bowls!

Oregon totally slaughtered Florida St. and Ohio st. beat Alabama. So it will be Ohio St. who has to face Oregon in the National Championship. That aught to be a great game!

I also had too much food. (I never seem to have trouble eating a lot of food on the 1st while I almost starve myself on Christmas and Thanksgiving). My younger cousin just finished reading the Percy Jackson books and wanted to watch the second movie. So we watched that and the movies are definitely not as good as the books.

What’d you do for New Years Eve and Day?



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  1. I still remember the first time I took a sip of beer. I almost puked. Oh High-five on the Coke thing! 😀 I cannot live without that delicious liquid. ❤


  2. To Live With All My Might

    The Percy Jackson movies were DEFINITELY not as good as the books – my friend and I made fun of the second movie the whole time we were watching it.


  3. Hitting the “like” button for you feeling better now – woohoo!

    This sounds like a great way to spend New Year, I spent it at home with family too! Wishing you all the best for 2015 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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