The Ant and the Farmer: lessons from a 13 year-old child

I wrote this when I was like 13 years old for an English assignment. Not as good as my writing these days but it still has a great message!

This poem is based on the American value of hard-work. It’s inspired on how an ant works hard to be prosperous. America has had to work hard to be prosperous like the ant. The farmer and the ant are both America. For each stanza, the first and third line are about the farmer and the second and fourth line are the ant.

The Ant and the Farmer

The farmer got up from bed still tired

The worker ant wanted to leave the colony so it could get food

The farmer skipped his breakfast to get going in his work

The ant didn’t even bother to eat


The farmer starts to plant his seeds

The ant starts to go through the grass to find food

The farmer waters the ground so the seeds can grow

The ant finds the food it’s going to take back


Crows come to the field and start eating the corn seeds

A group of spiders come around and start to hurt the ant and take his food

After the farmer saw that the crows were ruining his corn, he chased them away

The ant somehow managed to escape but not with its food


The farmer came back in the home disappointed and told his wife what happened

The ant came back to the colony with nothing

The farmer was even more determined to plant his seeds without the crows getting them

The ant knew that it had to get food the next day


Even earlier, the farmer got up and started to plant the seeds

Right when the sun came up, the ant was back at work

The farmer planted the seeds and covered them with netting

The ant brought along some of the other worker ants


The crows came and thought they could once again take the seeds

A group of spiders saw the one ant taking food to the colony so they went after the ant

The crows flew toward the where the seeds were planted but got trapped

When the spiders came, the other ants came out and attacked the spiders


The crows knew that they couldn’t get the seeds so they flew away never to return

The wounded spiders were overwhelmed by the ants so they retreated

The farmer leaped up for joy for he had beaten the enemy

The ant and the other ants returned home with lots of food and enough for the winter


Meaning of the poem:

This poem is mostly about hard-work but it also has some other American values and messages. The first two stanza’s were about how the ant and the farmer both worked hard to plant the seeds or get food. America was built on hard work. The third stanza was about the troubles that the ant and farmer faced. I think we all know that the United States has been through a bunch of tough spots. The fourth stanza is all about the depression but the stanza ends with the ant and farmer determined to do better the next day. The next paragraph shows the perseverance of the ant and farmer. The farmer needed to use his ingenuity to defeat the crows. America has also used the smart people in its country to do this as well. The message of the ant is a different one. It’s about teamwork. America has teamed up with other countries to get the problems solved. The next stanza shows how the enemy was defeated. The last stanza shows the joy of the farmer and the ant that they conquered the enemy. With hard-work, perseverance, team-work, and intelligence they were able to do something that no one else could do without those qualities.



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  1. Very impressive, especially for your 13 year old self! I loved the theme 🙂


  2. Very well put! Quite an imagination you had as a kid. (Y)


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