I’m sorry but these people are Morons: Jimmy Kimmel

How strong are your passwords? That’s a big question in today’s world. I mean, if it’s a really good hacker, he’ll probably be able to hack in your information no matter what you have as your password. However, you just don’t want any ordinary people to know your password, right? At least that’s what I think. People are so worried about privacy these days but they give a huge amount of information about themselves on social media and sometimes in person. Being a hacker has got to be easiest job these days… no disrespect to the grocery store bagger. I’m no hacker but I’ve learned a lot of information about other people and they just tell me… well, that’s none of your business like it’s none of mine!

Anyway, you might have seen this video from Jimmy Jimmel or not but this is a valuable lesson for all of us.


So I have two questions for you.

Do people actually have brains?

What is your password?





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  1. Hahaha. Such people! 😛

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