What is Obama’s legacy?:As a Concerned American Citizen…

That is a good question. He discussed what his legacy would be like in his last address the other day for a lot of the time. What will be his legacy? His approval ratings are the very worst of any other president, there have been many studies to show that he’s been the worst president ever. I am a very concerned American citizen and I want this country to be at the very top, which is where it was many years ago. Of course, China has now passed the U.S. as having the biggest military and economy.

Obviously, don’t read this if you’re about to be offended. I will not be sued for or blamed for anything I say. That’s how politics works and I do live in a free country – it’s called America or have we (government) really forgotten what this country is really about…freedom of speech. Of course, I’m not going to say anything too horrible about him but basically look at pictures people have put him to mock him and see if they are true.

1. First picture!

funny-obama-stickers  www.dumpaday.com

You would think that people wouldn’t still have their Obama stickers on their cars anymore after they voted him in. Just a thought! Who wants to be known as the person that did helped American become so gre…Umm… I mean fall to even lower depths.


2. 5010-1289144296-eb3a723fe7deb066f5250316a0c1e1bd  memekid.com


Was it a mistake to vote for him? No! I wouldn’t completely say so. He wasn’t so experienced compared to other candidates but he did have ideas…. unrealistic ideas that is but those ideas grabbed the attention of many Americans as he would deliver us from what former president of the United States George Bush got us into. So I can see that. So yeah, I won’t blame people totally for voting him in. Although, the reasoning behind voting for him was entirely ignorant. Just because he’s African American and if you didn’t vote for him, doesn’t make you racist. That is what I constantly heard, which was ignorant for people to think of.

3. images (14) www.picturescaption.com

America did this to themselves. They want to blame Barak Obama for all of the mistakes but it isn’t entirely his fault. America was the one who voted him in. The people have the choice to vote him in or not! The people had the right to not vote for him the second term. People chose to do so. I honestly thought he failed in the first term so I wouldn’t have voted for him. Four years is enough time for a person with that many resources to figure things out and at his position, American can’t give people second chances. The problem with America at that moment was the economy and I don’t understand why people didn’t vote for Mitt Romney since he was a very successful businessmen.

4. images (25)  www.desichaska.com



Do you remember in his first running, the word he said the most was “change.” “Change is coming.” It definitely did!

5.  images (22) www.picturescaption.com


Now I am a very observant person and I can easily tell when someone is telling a lie – I do not want to waste the the N and J in my personality for nothing so I might as well use it. In fact, many psychologists have tracked his non-verbal actions and some of them show (you can’t control non-verbal actions) that he didn’t actually believe in what he said. There has been many instances where people have found that he was actually lying about several things he was saying to the public. You NEVER lie to the people. If you can’t say something, don’t say anything!


images (24)  www.pinterest.com

This is so true!

The America people are going to have to start thinking of who they are going to vote for very soon! Very soon!!! It’s never too late to start thinking and researching because whoever you vote for (as we’ve just learned) is going to affect your life. Don’t let other people influence you vote for. In fact, I have nothing against a woman being president but don’t use that excuse if you don’t want to be considered “sexist” if you don’t vote for her. Who knows? She might be the best candidate but don’t ever use that. Maybe, you’re a woman and you’re just going to vote for her since you’re a woman. “It’ll help woman in our country.” That didn’t work with Barrack Obama. In fact, it’s been worse…not necessarily because of him though. I’ve talked to many African Americans and I quote what they say, “He is a disgrace to the African America community. Martin Luther King Jr. would surely not approve of him.”

I just want America to have the best leader possible. A smart leader who doesn’t lie to the people and is able to fix all of the messes that the past presidents have made. The best presidents in my opinion are: Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Both of those people helped the people (country) in a very dangerous time. One of them even died so all people could have freedom. That is what America is all about and I truly respect them for that!



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