Steve’s TV Guide

I mostly like to watch movies but every once in a while there’s a good show that I like to watch. These shows are approved by me – “the tv show critic.”

Monday Night:

1. Gotham (Fox) is by far the best show on Monday night.

2. I guess I have to put “The Bachelor” (ABC) at second since I’m watching it just this one season because of the bet I made.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) works for every week night. He’s so funny! Absolutely love his monologues.

Tuesday Night:

The Flash (CW) is back from it’s holiday back. It’s getting slowly better! The first 3 episodes didn’t grab me but the story is getting better. They are adding a little more plot every episode.

While Agent’s of Shield (Marvels attempt to make it on the television on a weekly basis) is still taking a break (that show is definitely getting better) ABC has been showing the back-story of Peggy who was in Captain America. The show is okay. I think it’s slightly interesting on how Shield began.


Wednesday Night:

Arrow (CW) is also a pretty good show.

Thursday Night:

Elementary (CBS) Not the best version of Sherlock Holmes and I don’t like that Watson is a woman (not being sexist but that is just messed up!).

American Idol (Fox) It’s always interesting to watch new talent…. although some of them have no voice. Just saying! Some of them try to copy other singers terribly! Ugh…

New show: Backstorm (Fox) The previews for this show don’t look the best. I probably won’t waste my time watching the first episode.

Friday Night:

Grimm (NBC) This show is always creepy but entertaining. Always interesting monsters that they bring on the show.

Saturday Night:

Saturday Night Live (NBC) is the only show worth watching Saturday Night. I love the comedy sketches and watching this show always makes me laugh!

Sunday Night:

Galavant (ABC) This is a comedy musical that is actually pretty good. I normally don’t watch musicals but this show fulfills my silly but slightly weird humor. The songs are pretty funny. Show is good even though it is quite predictable. Watch from the beginning definitely! It’s a min-series and I think this Sunday has the last two episodes. 😦

Show I’m pretty excited about:

The Last Man On Earth (Fox).

I do not know how Fox is going to make a show out of the concept but it looks like it could be pretty funny.

What shows are you guys watching?



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