It’s Finals Week!

Super busy this week but I just finished two of my finals today and totally passed it! I had a Physics test and I thought I was going to do a lot worse since there were soooo many questions but I got most of them right – only 3 wrong to be exact. Then I had a forensics semester test (Very interesting class and I will definitely miss it) and passed it with ease as well.

I’m not too worried about the other semester tests but I do have a pretty big paper to write for English. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry should be really easy for me! I’ve got couple huge Spanish tests though tomorrow, which I’m dreading…the speaking part of it that is. I got the “Americanized Accent” of the Spanish language, which isn’t good as well. I’m really good at reading and writing Spanish but speaking it I’m good… just it’s that one problem. I don’t really like her anyway. She’s not the best teacher and she’s kind of boring. I always dread the classes with her. I find this kind of funny and weird that she’s French and she’s teaching me Spanish. I don’t know, it probably shouldn’t but it does.

The worse thing about taking this class is that there’s a lot of Spanish students in my class…so as you can imagine, it’s an easy A for them. They just kind flaunt it at me just to make themselves better because I’m so much better at every other subject. It shouldn’t make them feel better since they’ve been speaking that language for most of their life. It’s not skill on their part! Anyway, I could rant about that forever but I’ve got more work to do tonight… after I watch a bit of tv just to take a short long break!

More interesting posts will come after finals!


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  1. To Live With All My Might

    Good luck with your finals – and good job on the ones you’ve already taken!


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