Learning about INTJ personalities:Part 1

You ever take those personalities tests? Well, I’ve taken many of those tests and I’ve come up with an INTJ personality pretty much every single time these last couple of years. Sometimes the percentage of the I, N, T, J changes- the changes can be different each day depending on what your “feelings”…yes, I am using that word even though I don’t have a “F” in my personality. I do still having feelings but my thinking is usually dominant over it.

Anyway, the last time I took the test my introvert was at a percentage of 61% to be exact. Now, this number might be seem high and it is but if I’m with someone that I’m comfortable with being around, that will change greatly and I will act like any other extrovert…maybe even more. The INTJ personality is known as the most extroverted type of introverts because it’s all about trust and respect. If I trust or respect you, then I’ll immediately change my attitude.

Even though I’m incredibly observant (which is the S in the personality) I’m always labeled as N. N is  Intuitive. I am only at 16% though.

Thinking is at 31%. In my case and with many other people with my personality, you will find a common thread most of the time. A person with my personality in the past might and probably was more of a F, but then something happened in their life that caused them to not trust their feelings – whether there was a heartbreak…basically their feelings led them astray and hurt them. We don’t like to become vulnerable to our feelings (even though we will always have them) but we use our thinking ability as a tool to see if say, a person really loves us. If they don’t, then we don’t deal with them because we do not want to go through that pain again. I can’t tell you how many times before my personality really morphed in the personality that I have now that my feelings misguided me into thinking that people who said that they loved me really didn’t.  The “T” in our personality is very unique because it is different than other “T” personalities I know. They don’t come up with the conclusion to use their thinking ability over feelings because of that reason.

Judging is at 28%. My kind of judging is quite different than the judging you would think. It’s more like over analyzing a person and see what I can tell about them. I never judge a person unless I see all of the facts. Also, judging also means that I am quite decisive and I am not the kind of person to break rules if I find those rules to be logical and put in place to help people.

There’s always two types of the same personality whether it’s assertive or turbulent. I am 39% assertive and this means that I am generally calm, relaxed, and emotionally stable. I used to be a lot more turbulent when I was younger but I learned to control myself and any good INTJ will NEED… no MUST control themselves. I always like to say that there is nothing worse than a turbulent INTJ. Like I said before, you don’t just become this personality when you are born (although I do believe there is some genetics that are involved) but you mostly become this personality because of past experiences…bad experiences like I said before. INTJ’s are known as not very emotional people but they are if they admit it. Our emotions seem to be amplified  with the big hurts of life. So you have to realize, an INTJ person usually has a lot of pain and hate, which makes them so dangerous in some ways with people who made them angry.


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  1. I am an INTJ person myself. It is funny reading articles about INTJs and how they are almost always the bad guys in movies. I did a little research on it and I found that this is the least likely personality for a female to have.. I’m not too sure if that true or not. Anyway, the Myer-Briggs Test is fascinating. I can’t wait to read more of your posts on it!


    • Most of them in movies appear to be bad but they aren’t most of the time…just misunderstood.

      I’ve heard that as well but I know more female INTJ people than guys. So I guess it depends on where you live.

      I will continue to write these kinds of posts!


  2. Interesting analysis. I’m an INFP, and I’ve found it to be an accurate test for me personally.

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