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Anybody want to share this with me? Anybody? No takers I guess! The offer is going…going…gone to me. I knew no one would really like to eat a heavenly and delectable dessert that combines Oreos with ice cream. People just don’t seem to like the unhealthy desserts of this age!

Don’t blame me for not being nice and offering it to everyone! I get it, It’s not me that you don’t like, it’s the dessert. Everybody has fallen in love with Reese’s…People have even named their kid Reese but I’m going to be defiant and name my kid Oreo.



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  1. I love Oreo like anything. (especially the chocolate flavour) And…SHARE IT WITH ME. đŸ˜›
    Name your kid Oreo? Lol

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  2. I love Oreo ice cream, so that cake looks fantastic! Oreos are definitely much better than Reese’s in my opinion, haha

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