My original story of why the phone was invented from an INTJ perspective

I got this idea from another INTJ.
In the past, The INTJ (masterminds) got together to figure out a way to get peace from the rest of the world but couldn’t find the best way. With the help of the only group they respected, ENTP (inventors), they created an invention, the phone. The masterminds knew that with the new phone they could get all of their tasks done without going in public and the rest of the world would become addicted to it…they would waste countless hours on the phone talking to their “friends” spreading gossips and dull ideas. This eliminates time that other personalities can bother INTJ’S. Selfie’s weren’t invented by an extrovert for goodness sake. Some INTJ had to bear extreme pain and send a picture to people so that others would have an idea to spend time taking photos from countless angles.


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  1. [Chuckling to myself.] This is exactly how history will remember us!

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