I’m set for when I’m not with my parents cooking or not on a meal-plan





You don’t want to be eating unhealthy food every day when you’re not on a meal plan in college or your mommy mother isn’t cooking for you. You can’t just combine a whole bunch of foods and call it, “Great!”



For 1. I don’t even like spaghetti (read my “about page” please). 2. Does he really have to add sugar (maple syrup and candy) to it as well! I wouldn’t call this comedy/humor. This is what I imagine Hell being like for me – jumping in my seat up and down because I’m forced to eat this pig slop gross food for eternity. Another reason why I’m not an actor or I might have to do things like this!



So you’re like, how much talent does it take to make a really good salad? It takes a lot of energy to make a salad like this so perfect! Perfect slices (not too big or small) for the cucumbers. Just enough salad dressing    (whether ranch or Caesar dressing). Not too many croutons so others don’t get too annoyed and look at you with disgust by the very annoying CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP! The lettuce can’t be bitter or…people will be bitter about it, duh!  Not too much cheese or it will be too cheesy…yeah, that’s a pretty cheesy statement there as well. Anyway, I take great pride in my salads. I take pride in a lot of things that I cook (remind you that I’m an 18 year-old guy). How many guys my age can actually cook?

I have a very famous chicken noodle soup that I make as well! I make some of the best sandwiches that rival Subway as well. I know perfectly well how to cook a nice juicy steak! I know how to grill as well! There’s other things as well…it’s not cooking is that hard anyway! Read the instructions and you’ll be fine! Practice, practice, practice! One of my most famous lines that I always say to people is “watch and learn.” I use that idea to learn many things or when someone says to me ignorantly, “How do you do that” pointing at whatever I may be doing. “Watch and learn!”



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  1. Before my husband and I got married, we agreed he would cook and I would clean. Over three years later we’re still going strong. He cooks and does the grocery shopping. I clean and do all the laundry. No complaints!

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    • Now that is how you have a successful marriage! I see so many people who struggle in their marriage because they didn’t really talk about various things so they had fights. Marriage is hard enough but might as make it easier with the easy stuff!

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