Help End the Violence!!!!!!!!:Humor…I repeat just humor

This post isn’t necessarily supposed to be making fun of vegetarians because I think eating vegetables and all is great… *says under my breath* more meat for me then! However, I don’t think it’s healthy or good to eat just vegetables.  There are better and tastier ways for getting your protein. Why treat your taste buds so badly?


The main point that I’m trying to make (using my humor) is that there is violence toward vegetables. Just think about it! Zucchini’s are squashed. Peas are split! We string celery off! We pop corn. Potatoes are mashed! The only vegetable that can protect itself are onions…because when you try to cut them, *swipes tear off face* you start to cry! If you didn’t get that humor, I don’t know about you!

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  1. Yay Steak! Yep, you’ve covered why I refuse to be a vegetarian -it’s still killing; just because it’s a plant is it any less worthy of consideration then a cow? You should focus on the humour more though. 🙂 The message sounds a bit soapboxy otherwise.


  2. And the chicken, fish, crabs and elephants and camels you eat? I’m guessing they happily step forward and be like, “Hey Steve , what’re you waiting for? DEVOUR US!” -,-

    At least veggies don’t involve bloodshed and mass murder. -,-


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