Hit that Amazing 150 mark: My all-time favorite blogs and post of yours!


happy 150 followers

Yes, after a small roadblock of losing 5 followers…turns out one of the idiots  was me! I can’t believe, I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing my posts in the wordpress reader. Weird? He was like my MAIN fan! I mean, really!

Anyway, I am over 150 followers now! Truly amazing! Something that I noticed from you guys is that you seem to like and comment on these posts a lot! When I focus my attention on you guys, I get more likes and comments. Makes sense! I should be doing that every day!!!

In honor of getting so much appreciation from you all, I will honor my amazing community with my favorite 3 blogs and post of all time. These are the best of the best and should be honored!

Top blogs!

tied for first- Brooding in the Dusk Pretty much everything and anything

tied for first- Authentically Aurora From dating, humor, inspiring Christian posts, she’s got it all!

Tied for first – Mackenzie on the Fly I nominated her for The Inspiring Award and she definitely is. Amazing travel blog! She’s got everything related to travel!

Newest blogs that I followed in which I’m excited about.


Daisy Chains In The Rain

Bitter Ben 

Rambling Abby


My favorite post of all time:

There have been so many posts but there’s only one post that was so good (might surprise you what it is) that it’s stuck in my head so much that I can’t shake the image. I don’t really follow any make-up or fashion blogs but she also does some other kinds of posts but I saw this on her blog. Make sure you check it out! Pretty creepy and well-done!

Half Zombie by Kellie O’Donoghue

Well, look forward to this kind of post when I reach 200!





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  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out!

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