Can you dig a better soundtrack than “Can You Dig It?” on Iron Man 3 soundtrack?

Absolutely love this song!!! The movie was one of the best ever – funniest movies and with this closing the movie and into the credits, it just makes my life feel…feel so fulfilled!

Got me dancing like:


Anybody else like this song? Sometimes it’s best to let the orchestra end the movie instead of some other pop artist ending it with a song that they already recorded.


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  1. Hi Steve!
    I really enjoy your blog, lots of good content 🙂
    Quick question for you- I really like the layout of your blog and I was wondering what template you use for your blog that allows for different pages? I’d love to design my blog differently with different headers/categories at the top but I don’t know how to do it. I’m not the most tech savvy, but if you could help that would be great!

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    • Hi! Thanks! No problem! I would love to help you! It took forever to find the right design so I could do that – makes it easier for my followers to see the right kind of posts that they want to. Currently, I am using the “The Hemingway Rewritten Theme.” I used to have the Mystique Theme, which had the same function.


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