The poetic/rhyming/lyrical genius brings you the prequel to “Somedays”

So last night, I couldn’t sleep… so I started writing a rhyme about “Somedays” but I realized that this poem (that I started) had enough content to be by itself and might I add, this might be one of the best things I’ve ever written. Most people know me by my humor in writing, humor in my comical skits for Facebook (Sorry, you have to be a premium follower for that :P) but I’m also known for being a poetic/rhyming/lyrical genius – yes I can freestyle/rap because that’s how my brain works. My family, friends, and other people who I have shown this kind of writing of mine have loved it! I love wordplay and all of that stuff! Again, a very deep poem and I hope you all are inspired by it to keep going! If you don’t understand some of the “cleverness”, please tell me what you don’t understand!

                  The Prequel to “Somedays”

Some days I feel like I live in a terrain like Ukraine

that sends a rain of pain not peaceful like Maine

Yes, I have obtained a left brain

Please let me explain in this public domain

I need to leave on the express train in the fast lane

While I am still sane

or I will become insane like Dr. Crane

No one helps someone

who Is not like Lil Wayne, Michael Caine, Mark Twain, or Dwayne Johnson

So I need someone like Mary Jane to comfort me

from the Bane’s of the world

Once again, I am no rock so I need to complain

I need someone to help me with my campaign

so I can open champagne or I will resort to cocaine, which I should abstain from my vein

I am not a Great Dane but a small grain in the world.

The main strain or sprain of my soul won’t keep me from my reign

In other words, I will not be detained from getting the chow mein

from the panda express chain

I am pro life so I will maintain it by using butane

to spark my spirit, drain my enemies, and free my chains

Using a wain, I will get away from the acid rain

sucking on a candy cane while being ordained

to entertain people with my poetic rhymes and carry out humane acts and respect I will gain

rap lyrics

Definitely one of my hobbies and passion!

Hope you enjoyed that and I would love to know about your thoughts!



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  1. I’ve been reading a lot of poetry on blogs and wondered whatever happened to poetry that rhymed? Thanks, I needed that.

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  2. Nice and clever. Good Job! 😀

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  3. Wonderful piece of writing. Such plain and refreshing work reflects how you most likely are one of a kind!

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  4. I’m kind of stuck on your first line, “Some days I feel like I live on a terrain like Ukraine.” It’s a great opening; it grabbed my interest, and it has a nice rhythm to it. It also sets up your rhyme scheme quite well. Why did you decide to go with “ain”?

    I wanted to stay with this imagery. I’m not familiar with the terrain of Ukraine. I could go look it up, but I’ll enjoy the poem more and relate better to your inner experience if you describe it to me. Tap into every sense, make me feel like I’m there. Is it flat, hilly, or mountainous? Are there a ton of plants and animals, or is it bare? What colors do I see? Is it bright? Dark? Windy? Snowy? Raining? Is it a downpour? Do I feel hot, cold, comfortable? What’s going on? Are there other people nearby? What do I hear? Is there music? What do I smell? Is it delicious or disgusting?

    Do I want to be here?

    You could write an entire poem, just with the information you’ve alluded to in this one line.

    I found it difficult to connect with the rest of the poem because it relies heavily on references I’m only somewhat familiar with. Again, I could go look them up, but even if I were familiar with them my interpretation might be very different from what you’re trying to communicate. I think I’d connect with the poem more if you described them, even briefly. What specific quality are you referring to? There is so much rich imagery here, to be honest it’s a bit overwhelming.

    I’ve reread the poem several times and really like the rhythm and flow. It’s straightforward and determined. But the last line throws it off, I think it has too many syllables. It might help to ditch the last “and,” then put “respect I will gain” on its own line. What do you think?

    I hope some of my feedback is helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

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  5. I have never understood poetry, I have enjoyed reading your style of poetry it expresses your feelings very clearly in a way which makes sense to a personl like me who does not know how poetry works. Thank you for a brilliant piece of work.

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  6. Reblogged this on Brooding In The Tepid Dusk. and commented:
    Hey guys, I’d like you all to check out my friend Steve’s lyrical work here.
    Enjoy. 🙂

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