Awarded 2 awards for not posting anything lately plus a new favorite blog!!!!

That says it all! I forgot to post! Umm…not exactly! I was too busy with school work…not entirely true either. I was just being lazy…getting warmer! Okay, maybe it was a combination of all things. I didn’t forget about you guys (ladies) though!


In the long eternity of sorts that I’ve been gone, I’ve been nominated twice for “The Inspiring Award.” I was nominated by Mrs. Spike…for some reason I feel like she should have spiky (pixie) hair. Please forgive me for that thought! You should try it though…Mrs. Spike. Anyway, that probably wasn’t the best way of saying that “you are awesome” so let me say it clearly this time, “You are awesome!” She’s got a great blog!

I was also Rambling Abby. I’ll try not to ramble on like I did with Mrs. Spike trying to come up with various thoughts about the name so I’ll just come out with it, another awesome blog right here…or slightly above to be most accurate.

So since I got nominated twice, does that mean I have to come up with 14 facts about me??? Honestly, there’s not much to say about myself that mere words can describe! I’m too complex but I’ll try!

1. I am an INTJ…I think I already said that. Let’s see, everyone seems to put how many states they’ve been to so I might as well. I have been to 6 states.

2. I play(ed) piano, trumpet, handbells, upright bass, in choir, and I played violin. Never really wanted to play violin so I stopped. I just like to play to either relax or to get extra money. I really love to listen to all kinds of music really. That’s how I relax.

3. I play(ed) these sports either for fun or on a team (mostly) – football, soccer, swimming, basketball, and softball.  It’s very easy for me to play various sports because of my height, slightly big hands and feet (I always beat others in swimming because of this), and muscles. I am always working out!

4. I have written multiple books and someday wish to publish them. One was totally based on the unique humor of an INTJ. I wrote another series on my perspective of Death, and some other book.

5. I love to watch people play videos more than playing games myself. I think this is because I love to think about how I really would play the game. INTJ’s do this a lot! We think about what we would do more than doing it itself. It makes our brains work more than what we would do if we were actually playing the game.

6. I am the champion of any strategy game. I absolutely love strategy games and beat most people at chess and checkers. Hello…INTJ’s are the strategists of the world so wouldn’t this make sense!

7. I am deathly afraid of hornets and wasps. Let’s just say that I’ve been stung so many times…

I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs but there’s only one recently that I have been really enjoying like a lot…a lot and a lot more. Let me introduce you to the wonderful…the talented…also awesome, and might I also add that she knows all of my thoughts. I mean, like literally – she does! I really don’t need to post my ideas on my blog because she’s thought of the same things that I have thought of. Enough of the introductions, here’s the One Red Balloon. I was hooked when I started reading her the beginning of what she’s all about – Definition of her, “An individual with a passionate heart and fiery spirit who seeks the freedom that lies beyond the horizon.” Wow! Just love that! Of course, she’s a fellow INTJ so that explains it all! If you don’t check out her blog, I don’t know about you! Tsk…Tsk. Your mamma aught to be ashamed of you!

Here are the rules to accepting this award. Yeah, I guess there are some rules to this publicity! 😛 I think I did an awesome job at discussing your blog so if you want to call me awesome, I will accept it! No worries!

Try to do better at the 7 facts of yourself than what I did but if you don’t, I won’t judge!

The Rules

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank your nominator because they’re awesome
  • List 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for their awesomeness
  • Post the rules so people know them

As you can see, I need to knock off the rust on me because this post was pretty terrible but I mean everything I said. I guess that’s why I’m so inspiring!

Peace out!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Steve! I’ve actually never had my hair shorter than shoulder-length, but maybe one day I’ll try the pixie look. My sister had that haircut awhile back and it was actually really cute on her! Growing it out was a bit painful to watch though, so I’d probably have to commit to the style for awhile 🙂


    • I personally don’t really care if a female has long or short hair. It really depends on the features of the face. My sister and one of my good friends has those features so it looks great one them. Some guys like long hair more so you might have to check with your husband…although who cares if he doesn’t like it! BE A REBEL! 😉

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  2. Wow! Is this the reward for that free publicity a few posts ago? Thanks for the honor of this “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” thing that I don’t feel as if I deserve at all. Now comes the challenge of actually posting something inspiring….I’ll do my best!


    • Absolutely not! I had this award way before you did that kind gesture…I was just being too lazy to post it. I’m pretty sure I got nominated for it before I followed your blog even. So your blog is not only is inspiring but it inspired me to write that post. Whatever “magic” you’re posting now, keep doing it because it’s working! 🙂


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