As a strategist mastermind, I even put myself in the best spot over Atheist “masterminds

“I would rather have to think my whole life as to whether Jesus Christ saved me and then convert in the last few seconds of my life and miss innovating myself to be more like Him and not feel true love in this life than know in the first second of Hell where I went wrong and couldn’t innovate myself. It wouldn’t just be pure boredom for the rest of eternity but constantly reminded for eternity that my mind I so prized as more logical than others played the biggest trick on me. That’s the real punishment for any mastermind that ends up in Hell…and of course the mastermind will have to spend the rest of eternity with the deceiver starring and laughing at him or her. Of course if I’m wrong, Atheists won’t have the mind to congratulate themselves on their logic and self-righteousness of being right and I won’t feel as if I were wrong because it will feel like life never happened.” – Me


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  1. I hear what you are trying to say,however I am tempted to say for me being a believer does not have to be complicated.Jesus loves me no matter what it is by grace there is nothing I can do or not do to deserve his love. On the other hand faith is about grappling with issues we experience in this life.


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