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Dedication to my Blog

Hi guys!

After a tough day in school I just wanted to thank all of my¬†followerers! You won’t regret it…I promise!

My dedications for my blog are:

1. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has given me the hunger to be motivated to find knowledge, wisdom, and also giving me a sense of humor. In every situation He’s given me a thirst to reach my potential of who I can be.

2. My family who also encourages me every day even when I’m a pain.

3. My true friends who are always there for me.

4. Finally, a great new blogger friend of mine who helped me get this blog to where it is today. She’s got a great blog that I always love to read. If there was any other blog that you wanted to follow except for mine, this would be the one. As you can see, I promise a lot of things…but I promise that you’ll get sucked into this blog! Here’s the link:

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