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Why I do (and don’t) want to visit Australia?

I honesty don’t get to travel a lot so I can only dream about traveling around the world. I’m starting a new series where I look at various countries and tell you why I would like to go there or not.

I love to listen to different people’s accents. I think it’s so fun. I love the British and Australian accents mostly. I know this one person who’s Australian but since she moved to the U.S. her accent has been disappearing a bit.

I have to admit – I would love to move to Australia in the hopes of picking up the accent. However, have you noticed how many poisonous and dangerous animals there are in Australia? It’s sad because even when you start to Google, “How many poisonous animals…” it immediately comes up ” are there in Australia.” There’s the stinging stone fish that’s incredibly lethal. No, of course this kind of animal doesn’t kill you right away, you have to “endure the mind-blowing agony.” There’s also the blue-lined octopus that has one of the most venomous toxins on the planet. Since this creature is so exotic and colorful, people like to touch it. Would you?

Picture from pinterest

There’s also the most venomous snake and spider in Australia

Don’t forget about the Box Jelly Fish, which is the most lethal animal on the planet. Turns out that bees are more dangerous than spiders in Australia.

Reasons why I do want to go Australia:

After all of that, you’re probably thinking, “I definitely don’t want to go there.” However,  let’s admit it! It’s an amazing and beautiful place! These are some of the places that I really would like to go to!

1. The pink waters of lake Hillier. How? That is just amazing! I have to research that!

Untitled 1


2. I would love to dive into the Great Barrier Reef.

3. How about hang out with the kangaroo’s on Kangaroo Island. This picture gets me laughing every single time I see it. I actually saw a show where kangaroo’s are basically living on a golf course and they would watch the golf balls being hit around. It was quite funny!

Picture from buzz

4.  To see Cleft Island.

Picture from

The aptly named Cleft Island

5. The final reason is the Australia Alps. I absolutely love to climb and I love snow. That’s 100 times more snow than what I’ll get where I live my whole life!  I could also snowboard, which would be fun as well.

Picture from buzz

Hope you enjoyed these pictures! I honesty would love to come to Australia even though the chances of getting killed or poisoned are highly likely. Sometime, I’ll definitely go to Australia.

Would you ever want to go to Australia? Have you ever been there? I would love to know what your thoughts are!


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