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50 songs that have been playing on my playlist so much!

Listening to music is so important to me because it is my life. I’m constantly listening to music. The list is not in order of greatness or anything like that. You may find some artists that you don’t know about and there might be some songs that know and have heard a lot.

1. The Man- Ed Sheeran (pop)

2 You Need Me, I Don’t Need you – Ed Sheeran((True Tiger Remix) (rap/hip-hop)

3. Keep it on a Low- Dot Rotten (rap/hip-hop)

4. Feel Stronger-Gemini (dubstep)

5. Jump Around-House of Pain (rock)

6. Rumble and Sway-Jamie N Commons (rock)

7. All Along the Watchtower- Jamie N Commons (rock)

8. LarsM & Side-B Feat. Aloma Steele (dubstep)

9. The Drop-Lecrae (rap/hip-hop)

10. Walk with Me-Lecrae (rap/hip-hop)

11. I love You-Lecrae (rap/hip-hop)

12. Cheat Codes-Nitro Fun   (dubstep)

13. Sun Models-ODESZA  (dubstep)

14. Without You- ODESZA (Vindata Remix)  (dubstep)

15. High-Peking Duk  (dubstep)

16.  Looking for Angels-Skillet (rock)

17. Rain-Astronaut(Stephen Walking Remix)  (dubstep)

18. Afterlife-Switchfoot(Neon Feather Remix) (rock)

19. Triumph-WRLD  (dubstep)

20. Big Love-True Tiger (dubstep)

21. All Around the World-Matthew Parker (dubstep)

22. Space bound-Eminem  (rap/hip-hop)

23. The Monster-Eminem (rap/hip-hop)

24. 25 to Life-Eminem (rap/hip-hop)

25. Saturdays=Celebration-Big K.R.I.T. (rap/hip-hop)

26. Hold on – Aloma Steele  (dubstep)

27. Tug of War-Andy Mineo  (rap/hip-hop)

28. Tell the World-Lecrae (rap/hip-hop)

29. Feel Again-OneRepublic (pop)

30. The Vent-Big K.R.I.T (rap/hip-hop)

31. Runaway-Ed Sheeran (pop)

32. Happy-Pentatonix(cover) (acapella)

33. Can’t Hold us-Pentatonix(cover) (acapella)

34. Wings-Macklemore and Lewis (rap/hip-hop)

35. Titanium-The Piano Guys(cover) (pop)

36. Through the Ghost-Shinedown (rock)

37. Taking over- Cassandra Kay (dubstep)

38. The Way you are-Peking Duk (dubstep)

39. Rise-Trip Lee (rap/hip-hop)

40. The words- Christina Perri (pop)

41. Love Me Again-John Newman (pop)

42. Counting Stars-OneRepublic (pop)

43. When the Boys Light up-Newsboys (rock)

44. Living for the Other side-Capital Kings(remix) (Dubstep)

45. Death Valley-Fall Out Boy (Alternative)

46. The Pheonix-Fall Out Boy  (Alternative)

47. Bully-Shinedown (Rock)

48. Chase-Tedashii(Rap/Hip-hop)

49. I’m Just here to ride the train-mountain Heart(Bluegrass)

50. Enemies-Shinedown (Rock)

Well, there you go! Dubstep counts as any electronic music. This is what I’ve been to listening mostly to the last month or so! Note: This doesn’t count the Christmas music.

What songs are on your playlist if any? Any of these?



The British are invading my music playlist again:Music Review

This past weekend I was surfing Youtube for various new songs and albums and I always love to see who the most famous artists feature on their song – to find that new talent if you will.

So I was listening to an Eminem song, Desperation, and the guy on the album stole the show with his amazing vocals in the chorus. I mean, Wow! I also heard him in Big K.R.I.T’s song, “Saturdays = Celebration.”

Jamie N Commons (26-years old) is a blues rock and folk musician from England. He first started in 2011. He joined X Ambassadors to create a band. He’s the song-writer, vocalist, and guitarist of the group. His voice is much like Johnny Cash and Tom Waits. His voice has that deep, raspy, and gritty voice that I love!

So decided to check out his music on Youtube and he doesn’t have a lot of music but the quality of his music is amazing!

His song-writing ability comes out in this song.

Love the groovy beat. Almost like a dance track.

Another song that I like!

Do you like any of his songs?


ODESZA brings a beautiful, melodic, and fun album with “In Return”

I love all kinds of music including electronic music. I just heard ODESZA’s new album and I think it’s the best overall electronic album that I’ve heard this year.

It’s sad that a lot of people don’t know about these two guys who are from Seattle Washington. The group is comprised of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. The band started off in 2012. This is their second album.

The first song, Always this Late kicks things off with with a very nice tune and is very well-done. These guys don’t just create a song that is made of sound but they create a wonderful experience that makes you think that you’re in a totally different world.

Say My Name featuring Zyra is based on the book, The Scarlett Letter. Love the tune and how the song and message continues. This is one of my favorites.

Bloom is seriously one of my favorites on the album. I think if any other group tried to attempt this song with the voice, they would fail but these guys always make the songs click.

All We Need featuring Shy Girls – Love the guy’s voice because it fits so well in this song.

Sundara is so chill! It would probably be my favorite song…the only bad part is that it’s incredibly short. All great things end too quickly in life, don’t they?

 White Lies featuring Jenni Potts starts with amazing vocals! One thing that I’ve noticed in this album is that ODESZA has gotten some of the best vocalists that would work for this kind of genre.

All Rights go to ODESZA.

Kusanagi has a bell or chime sound that is beautiful. You feel like you’re in a trance.

Echoes (features Py) and It’s Only (features Zyra) continue the trend of beautiful vocals with a well-done electronic sound.

Memories That you Call (Featuring Monsoonsiren) is probably the most fun sound on this album.

All rights go to ODESZA.

Sun Models – Keep hitting repeat please! I love this song. I’m addicted to the song! I like to close my sleep in my bed and just get lost in this song!

Final Thoughts: Obviously you can tell that I loved this album. Some people love Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Avicii, or Martin Garrix but I love these guys. If you want to listen to music with a tune, beautiful vocals, and be absorbed in the music, this is the music to listen to.

When it comes to electronic music, I give it a rating:



A Newsboys Holiday:Music Review

The band, Newsboys, came out with a Christmas album a couple of years ago and I really like their version of these songs.

The album starts off with All I want for Christmas is You and I know there’s many versions of this song but this is one of my favorite. Nice tune and I like how Michael Tait (lead singer) sings it.

Jingle Bell Rock continues the trend of a rocking album! Can’t help tapping your feet!

O Holy Night is beautifully sung by Michael Tait. The song keeps getting better!

I’ve always thought Winter Wonderland was a magical song but I love this version most of any.

The Christmas Song is the best on the album since it brings a lot of great memories to mind! Michael Tait’s great voice really is on display in this song – for a moment it sounds like Nat King Cole. It’s chilling as well!

All rights go to Newsboys

Thoughts: Honestly, this is a solid Christmas album filled with Christmas carols and fun songs. The only thing that I don’t like is that the album only has 5 songs! The Christmas Song is just amazing and so is Winter Wonderland. The album is worth a listen!


What do you think of the song or album?


Pentatonix has brought Christmas early: Music Review

I know that I just talked about Thanksgiving yesterday but I just heard Pentatonix’s new album “That’s Christmas to Me.” I just don’t have very big Christmas collection so I always like to listen to new Christmas music.

Some things you have to know about first is that they are an acapella group comprised of 5 members. Everything including the bass and percussion comes out of their mouths, which is pretty cool!


Picture from Pentatonix.

The album starts off with Hawk! The Herald Angels Sing. At first, I thought it was a nice peaceful song but the tune wasn’t anything new that I’ve heard. However, I knew that Pentatonix would add their own music flavor and they did. They added a gospel feel with the normal tune, which I liked.

White Winter Hymm has a nice peaceful tune.

Sleigh Ride is very fun arrangement. It keeps getting better as the song goes on.

That’s Christmas to Me is a peaceful song about what makes Christmas means to the members of this group.

Mary, Did you Know? is a great arrangement. Second favorite song on the album.

Dance of the Sugar Plug Fairy…yes one of the songs in the Nutcracker is in their album. Using their voices, they create the tune. Very entertaining!

It’s the Most Wonderful Year shows off the bass’s voice and how low he can get. Definitely the most wonderful version of this song that I’ve heard.

Santa’s Claus Coming to Town is by the far most energetic song on this song. You also get to hear the percussion of the guy’s voice come out in this song.

Silent Night is a peaceful song of course. Beautiful vocals!

Of course the album ends with Let it Go. I mean it wouldn’t be right for a Christmas album to not end with this song. I definitely like their version more!

Thoughts: Is it Pentatonix’s best album…no but it’s a great Christmas album. It’s filled with their version of Christmas carols and fun songs. The album is filled with different styles as well. I will definitely have to buy some of these songs.

So when it comes to Christmas albums, I give it a rating of: 

What do you think of the songs that I posted? What Christmas songs or arrangements do you like the most?


Shinedown – Amaryllis Music Review

Yeah, I know Shinedown came out with the album  “Amaryllis”  Mar 23, 2012 but if you haven’t listened to this album then you’re not a real rock fan. At least that’s my personal opinion.

Amaryllis starts off with a bang with  Adrenaline…seriously! I found my toe tapping the ground so much that I made a hole in the ground. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration but I love this song. Love his voice. This is the kind of song that I would just like to blast in my speakers. This song is about getting ready for a fight and going places where others haven’t been able to go.

Bully will appeal to many people who have been bullied in their lives.

Amaryllis the title track gets better as the song goes on.

Unity has probably the best message in this song.

Enemies is one of my favorites on this enemies. After the third time of listening to it, the words are stuck in my head so whenever I meet one of my “enemies” in my life, I start whispering it…gets creepy for my “enemies.”

I’m Not Alright is also one of my favorites on this album. I think the background sound added a lot to this song. You gotta watch yourself from singing this song in front of your “enemies” or…you get the point. This song is admitting that sometimes you can be a bit different than other people but saying that it’s okay. It’s okay being different, original, or unique.

Nowhere Kids returns to the energetic rock that Shinedown is known for.

Miracle and I’ll Follow You are both beautiful love songs in my opinion. I especially love  Brent Smith’s (the lead singer) voice in these song. 

I was looking for a low point in this album and it was going to be this song, For My Sake, but it got better!

Honesty, I especially love energetic songs that are rocky but my favorite of this album was the last song on the album, Through the Ghost. I think the chines had a huge affect in this song. There was an interview with Shinedown and they said, “It’s about looking through the haze and getting things clear and again it’s autobiographical from Brent. He couldn’t see things clearly from the haze of booze, pills or whatever but now he’s come through all that.”  All rights go to Shinedown.

This is an amazing album. There wasn’t a bad moment in this album. I would buy the album because it’s amazing!!! If you don’t know about this band, then you have to check out more of their songs. This was an improvement from Sound of Madness, which was their earlier album. They are fun to watch live!

Honesty, I can’t give this album anything lower than . One of the few albums out there that I give this kind of rating.

For more of my posts, please follow! I want to hear what you think of this band, album, and songs that I posted.







Top 3 songs on my playlist for this week

Hi everyone!

How did your week go? Mine was especially hectic with school and life in general. The only thing that got me through this week was my music. Now, I have close to 500 songs in my collection of songs that I listen to. I listen to a bunch of music. I like all kinds of music. Every week I’ll try to introduce you to the music I’ve been listening to. You might no some of these songs or not!

In no order of my preference here’s the first song!

I absolutely love Shinedown. They’re one of the few good rock bands that are still going now. I absolutely love their version of this song. Love the piano part and the voice of this guy…amazing!!!

All rights go to Shinedown and The Live Room.

Another cover of Hideaway by Kiesza, which turned out to be a music hit! I love how Ben Howard was able to make a pretty good cover that was a dance-track. I personally love his music. Not a lot of people know who he is but I think he’s extremely talented. Check out his music!

All rights go to Ben Howard and BBC.

“I see Fire, I am Death” were the words that Smaug said right before the credits came on. Great movie by the way! Right when the music came on and I got chills going up my spine!! Absolutely love this song! This song actually was the first time that I had heard of Ed Sheeran. He’s got a lot of potential because he’s pretty good guitar player, singer, and lyric writer.

All rights go to Ed Sheeran.

Make sure you tell me what you think of these three songs and if you like them. What songs have gotten your attention this week?


Devil’s May Cry-The Weekend almost made me cry!

Hi everyone!

How do you prepare for the Hunger Games: The Mocking Jay Part 1 coming out, which I’m really excited about? I didn’t buy the movies so I can’t watch them again. I don’t want to spend the money to rent them again. So I listened to the soundtracks. I got on the Catching Fire and I love the Devi’s May Cry.

I’m not a fan of the The Weekend but I do love this song. I love his voice and the background music is great! I love how the song keeps building up!

The first verse sums up the song and why I love it! For it says, “It won’t be in vain/To swallow all your pain/And learn to love what burns/And gather courage to return to.” This is a song about persevering through hardships. Yeah, there will always be hardships but you always have a choice to decide if you want them to ruin you.

Say people are trying to cause you stress and if you let them do that to you, they win. If you persevere, they’ll be the ones that aren’t triumphant. This song also discusses that.

I rate this song: 

Tell me what you think of the song.

Can’t wait for the Hunger Games to come out!

Instead, of saying “have a great day” or something like that, I’ll end with:

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”


Cathedrals by Tenth Avenue North review

Here’s another review of Cathedrals by Tenth Avenue North. I will be reviewing the deluxe edition of the album, which has 14 tracks. They came out with the EP for this album earlier in the year.  I will go over the highlights of the album.

Genre: Pop/Rock

Release Date: November 11, 2014.

Tenth Avenue North was one of my first Christian bands that I first of and immediately fell in love with their music. I loved their last  album, The Struggle. This album is also a keeper.

The first track, which is the lead single is No Man is An Island. The band’s message is that no one is alone. God is always there. “No man is an island let your guard down / You don’t have to fight me, I am for you / We’re not meant to live this life alone.”

What I would call a spine-chilling prelude, lesu, Dulcis Memoria  by Audrey Assad singing the old Latin hymn. I absolutely love the lyrics to this song. “And now children of the light, fight back darkness with delight / Lift your eyes to His face, let joy take temptation’s place.

Cathedrals is my favorite song on the album. From the very beginning, it caught my attention. Every review, I will have my top song from Youtube in my post. All rights go to Tenth Avenue North.

I Need You, I Love You, I Want You” is almost haunting. This song discusses how Jesus Christ is better than other things. We all need Him and want Him in our lives. 

Stay and Closer are the most rockiest songs on the album. They’re are good addition to the album.

We Won’t Numb the Pain is another great addition to the album

For Those Who Can’t Speak features KB and Derek Minor(Pro). This is a song on the nightmare of human trafficking.

Thoughts: Overall, this was another great album by Tenth Avenue North. I do like how they have more variation in their sound in this album. I still think The Struggle was their best album.


Make sure you tell me what you rate the album. What were your favorite songs.

I’ve got a poll for you?

Trip Lee Rises to the top:Rise by Trip Lee

Here’s my second post and I’ll be reviewing Rise by Trip Lee. Trip Lee has been one of my favorite Christian hip-hop/rap artists. For a while, he took a break from producing songs and went to be a pastor. Then out of no where it seems, he told everybody on social media that he was coming out with another album. I was super pumped and couldn’t wait. GAWVI( one of the best producers) produced the whole album and you can tell the difference.

Genre: Hip/Hop

Release Date: October 28, 2014.

I will highlight the songs that caught my attention.

Starting with Rise, it was absolutely amazing. The song and in fact the album is all about rising in your faith in God and the troubles of this world.  This was my second favorite song.

Lights On continues the “GAWVI sound” with the bright synths and big drums.

Manola, which means “God with us” in Spanish was the second single featuring Lecrae. This song has what I would like to call “Hard rap.” Another interesting addition to the album.

You Don’t Know is a beautiful song of praise. I love the chorus. It’s a song about the joy of finding Christ.

All Rise Up is a song about the success of Reach Records(the label)  because of what God has done to help them. become something great. He’s basically telling the story of how it got started.

I’m Gone is my favorite song on the album. It’s a song about discussing the Devil’s trickery  and to stay away from it. It has an upbeat piano part. Here’s the Youtube video and All Rights go to Trip Lee and Reach Records.

The album ends beautifully with Sweet Victory featuring Dimitri Mcdowell & Leah Smith. This song discusses how we feel when we have with Christ. Such a great way to end the album.

Thoughts: At first, I was excited but when I heard Shweet (the first single) I wasn’t so impressed. It had an interesting tune and beat but it wasn’t my favorite. However, as each of the singles came out and then the full album came out, I absolutely fell in love with it. I’m so glad Trip Lee came back and even with GAWVI. They made a great team and they had a different sound, which is nice.


Please tell me what you think about this album and the different songs. Like always, I have a poll that you can participate in.

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