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I have started a new blog, which is why you haven’t heard from me in a long time!

I started a new blog with a different take on things. I hope it is just as interesting as this one. I hope you look at it and follow that one instead of this one.

This is my new blog site. I have 3 posts up.


Patrick Henry Ratifier of the U.S. Constitution on the foundation of America

“It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”

As a strategist mastermind, I even put myself in the best spot over Atheist “masterminds

“I would rather have to think my whole life as to whether Jesus Christ saved me and then convert in the last few seconds of my life and miss innovating myself to be more like Him and not feel true love in this life than know in the first second of Hell where I went wrong and couldn’t innovate myself. It wouldn’t just be pure boredom for the rest of eternity but constantly reminded for eternity that my mind I so prized as more logical than others played the biggest trick on me. That’s the real punishment for any mastermind that ends up in Hell…and of course the mastermind will have to spend the rest of eternity with the deceiver starring and laughing at him or her. Of course if I’m wrong, Atheists won’t have the mind to congratulate themselves on their logic and self-righteousness of being right and I won’t feel as if I were wrong because it will feel like life never happened.” – Me

“We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.”
C.S. Lewis

Arrogance manifests itself in people who can’t accept the truth when the right answer is right in front of them. They delude themselves with nonsense that makes sense to them just to make themselves feel better.

Apparently, Google thinks I’m lonely so I need to try Asian dating…Thanks or not!: Online Dating part 1

So it’s pretty confusing when you see ads come up on your computer on Youtube and other websites. Not pop-up ads…thank goodness not for those. Now I always get those Netflix or Hulu ads…you know because Google wants me to binge on tv shows and movies just to keep me on my computer and sit on my couch *Sigh* Sounds so pleasant right now! 🙂

So I did! I do watch a little bit of tv shows on my computer and all so I’m not out in the world a lot of the time. I must listen to Google because Google knows all – I mean it knows what I look at on my computer and everything I do…kind of creepy.

However, a new crisis has arisen and I feel like Google is sending me a new message. Now they are wanting me to try online dating with first sending me a message like this. An ad on Youtube like this – crazy, right? I’m bobbing my head around with my eyes closed and then open it up and on the side, there’s this:

perfect match


Well… *gulp* Now that I am thinking about it. It is kind of boring watching tv shows on my computer without anyone around me. I have a firm belief that I will never do online dating but Google is saying it, so it must really know how I am feeling. I’m sure they can see my long sighs through my cam.

Perfect match seems pretty good…I mean since it shows a picture of someone so “beautiful” on the ad, I’m sure there’s plenty of people on this website that look so glamorous, right? Everyone who’s the best is probably already taken though!

I guess Google knew what I was thinking because it gave me another ad on the side of the next song that was playing on Youtube.

Asian dating visahunter

Yes, Google has spoken or whatever! I’m meant to date Asian girls. I have a couple of Asian friends but we don’t have a lot in common. They are good but this website hopefully will help me reach out to these amazing people, right? Although, now that I’m thinking about it…why Asian Google? My uncle had a must for his future wife to be Asian but he got a Scandinavian wife instead! I mean, you can’t always get what you want. Did you know that Asians are the only race to have true black hair?

What am I doing now? Ugh…I realize that Google is leading me astray. Clouded my judgement because I always do what Google suggests for me to do. I already have a girlfriend.

I can imagine that my girlfriend would be quite painfully hurt and jealous since we’ve been great friends and all but she wouldn’t be like this like so many other girls.


Or this…

online dating


No, she would think that I turned into some weird monster that wants to take up some social experiment.

girlfriend online dating

“Well, I like being weird,” I would say. She would say, “No, you like being unique. There’s a difference. The definition of unique is ‘being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” There are plenty of weird people in the world.”


“Well, I like a little bit of weirdness then!” Note: Actually I do like forensics so this would be quite exciting for me! Ugh…for many of you this might make me sound even weirder. Don’t you ever want to know how a person died? Nevermind, Nevermind…forget it! I’m a lost cause.

Asian online dating

Main point: Google is trying to ruin my life when I have someone in my life that is my best friend and also keeps me in check of my “weirdness” as she would say. Google is not only interfering with my privacy online but also with my personal life. She’s my psychologist as well! I only have her for a couple more months before we go our separate ways so I hope her treatment will help me before I get to college and girls start getting interested in me. I don’t want to be like the fellow who was  “most handsome guy ever” and then open my mouth and say something dumb like this fellow. The dumb boy.

Now that I’m thinking about it, she’s been my psychologist for around 2 years and I haven’t got better. Well, in any case… she might be a terrible psychologist but she is doing it for free. What can I expect?

Dating online Asian girls<dating the most beautiful, wonderful, and funniest young woman ever! I’ll take it!

Note: I really am not that weird. You guys know that, right?

Please don’t let my girlfriend see this post! Please don’t see this! She better not comment on this post!


Why are girls extremely attracted toward me: is it physical attraction, personality, humor, high morals, or something else?

You might say, “why does it really matter why girls like me? They like you so congratulations!” However, I’m not like it! I’m always suspicious of why people like me or if they are trying to manipulate me into something. You can easily show interest in someone and not like them. I always like to get to the root of why a person likes me.


I couldn’t agree with you more Ben Stiller. If you base your feelings on just their looks, that friendship or relationship will be incredibly shallow, which is not what I want. So girls have always told me that I’m extremely handsome especially if I am in a suit and tie. If you’re not into tall, dark hair, muscular kind of guys…you probably wouldn’t like me but most girls like that. Even college girls have tried to flirt with me!

So I get a lot of looks but I kind of ignore them. Most INTJ’s in high-school are not even into dating. It’s honestly a waste of time when you think about it. I don’t want to have a girlfriend but I’m okay having a girl who’s a friend. This is a filter of mine that has served me quite well. I’m perfectly fine with being great friends with a lot girls, which I actually have more friends who are girls than guys. Guys are so immature at this age! Now this filtering will not work in college of course but before dating someone, I will need to be first friends with them!

So this brings me back to the point, am I just a guy that’s going to be like their “trophy boyfriend.” If so, I’m out of it! If it’s pure friendship, then I’ve got no problem with that and I will hang out with you as much as possible. It’s always those crazy insane girls that have a crush on me. I learned the hard way of what the difference between those girls and the good girl friends who I am interested in.

A lot of girls also like my personality, which is where I get my unique sense of humor. It’s very unique compared to other guys who are just mere copies of each other. My slightly mysterious self is intriguing. Once I let someone in deeper into myself, this filters a few of them out – especially the girls that were just interested in my looks. However, more than not, girls especially love my personality the most! My confidence in my self is also a big attribute of myself that they like.

My high-morals and standards are also a thing that people have to deal with. If you have high-morals and standards, you will come to love and respect me more! If you don’t and just want to have sex with me, you’ll be dropped. This is another filtering mechanism – I am able to see what your intentions are. People always say for us INTJ’s (mostly) to lower our expectations and standards, but this helps me get a sense of who you are exactly. If you’re intimidated by this, then you probably aren’t a good person.

Basically, if you just like 1 part of me, you’ll be immediately removed. I analyze people to figure out why they like me! This is what I’ve used and I have been very successful. This is why I don’t have friend or relationship problems so I don’t have “heart breaking relationship” problems. My friends who are girls know exactly who I am and that probably makes them even more attracted to me.

So yeah, I’m kind proud of who I am you could say. I’m never act cocky around other guys but I do realize that I’m highly desirable because of my full self – my full package if you will. I’m very diverse and this gives me the controls when it comes to relationships and dating.

Other guys either hate me for who I am or they ask me for advice as to how I do it even if they are good-looking. It’s quite simple actually! Respect and be genuine is the most important! Humor always breaks the introvert girls to be more outgoing!

If you’re a female, look for a guy who’s respectful and genuine. Don’t deal with any guy who’s not that way!  That will filter out the idiots/jerks to the genuine guys who will love you for who you are.




Gosh, Sex is getting really dangerous these days with new strains of syphilis and HIV’s

For an activity that is supposed to be for pleasure, it seems like it’s getting kind of dangerous…well, only for certain people who choose to have multiple “partners” with various people. Anybody know about Syphilis? It is getting incredibly popular (perhaps a wrong sort of wording) because people are having multiple sexual partners. Really you don’t have to worry about getting any of these diseases if you’re not having sexual intercourse with various people.

There’s a new strain of it that is even deadlier. I mean, strains of various diseases (even flu’s) are getting more and more high-tech of sorts if you think about it. This one that is breaking out around the country is one of those that will take away your sight.

So here’s the question. Would you rather have sex with multiple people or people that you probably don’t really know that well and most likely get some disease or just find that 1 person who’s the same as you in staying “pure?”



Picture from Pinterest

Just think about it! In this case, you have the choice to keep this disease from taking over you. In my opinion, I’d rather sexually “deprive myself” for a long time and find a person that is the same as me. OR…not have sex at all than to get some terrible disease. Some people make “fun” of virgins because they have chosen to wait till they know absolutely that they are going to marry someone but that is something I admire. People who have the commitment and the brains to know not to do this. Virginity can easily be lost but it can never be bought back. Plus, most descent people don’t want someone who’s already messed up in that “department.” Perhaps this might sound harsh but I wouldn’t marry or have sex with anyone who’s shared that part of them with someone else. I wouldn’t want to risk it…plus there’s something that’s gross about the thought!

sex people



Picture from

So you’re like, there’s cures for these diseases so I’m good. Yes, there are but strains of these diseases are getting worse and worse and why even get it! Once you get it, you have to spend A LOT of money for the cure if it’s possible. Plus, you can still get infected by it again!

Honestly, even though I’m a very strong Conservative Christian I don’t really care if two or three people now get married of the same sex. Let me rephrase that, I wouldn’t vote for it or encourage it because I think it’s very abnormal (science proves that it is abnormal) but I’m not going to pick a fight with someone who is that way. So really, if it kills them or gives homosexuals a terrible disease, let it be! I don’t really care! Let them all die for I care from this disease. That is my message to conservatives! Don’t try to stop them…if they want to do that, let them do that!  People fully know what could happen if they practice it. That’s why God condemns it because of the health problems. So yeah, go ahead and get a bunch of diseases that you will never recover from.

A lot to think about, right? Shouldn’t really be unless you’re absolutely sexually deprived or you have no brains. I’m think no brains, honestly. It’s an absolutely clear decision to me! Anything that could cause me to get some nasty disease, I’m out!

Am I saying that sex is wrong? Absolutely not! Here’s my wise advice: Pick wisely!

Awarded 2 awards for not posting anything lately plus a new favorite blog!!!!

That says it all! I forgot to post! Umm…not exactly! I was too busy with school work…not entirely true either. I was just being lazy…getting warmer! Okay, maybe it was a combination of all things. I didn’t forget about you guys (ladies) though!


In the long eternity of sorts that I’ve been gone, I’ve been nominated twice for “The Inspiring Award.” I was nominated by Mrs. Spike…for some reason I feel like she should have spiky (pixie) hair. Please forgive me for that thought! You should try it though…Mrs. Spike. Anyway, that probably wasn’t the best way of saying that “you are awesome” so let me say it clearly this time, “You are awesome!” She’s got a great blog!

I was also Rambling Abby. I’ll try not to ramble on like I did with Mrs. Spike trying to come up with various thoughts about the name so I’ll just come out with it, another awesome blog right here…or slightly above to be most accurate.

So since I got nominated twice, does that mean I have to come up with 14 facts about me??? Honestly, there’s not much to say about myself that mere words can describe! I’m too complex but I’ll try!

1. I am an INTJ…I think I already said that. Let’s see, everyone seems to put how many states they’ve been to so I might as well. I have been to 6 states.

2. I play(ed) piano, trumpet, handbells, upright bass, in choir, and I played violin. Never really wanted to play violin so I stopped. I just like to play to either relax or to get extra money. I really love to listen to all kinds of music really. That’s how I relax.

3. I play(ed) these sports either for fun or on a team (mostly) – football, soccer, swimming, basketball, and softball.  It’s very easy for me to play various sports because of my height, slightly big hands and feet (I always beat others in swimming because of this), and muscles. I am always working out!

4. I have written multiple books and someday wish to publish them. One was totally based on the unique humor of an INTJ. I wrote another series on my perspective of Death, and some other book.

5. I love to watch people play videos more than playing games myself. I think this is because I love to think about how I really would play the game. INTJ’s do this a lot! We think about what we would do more than doing it itself. It makes our brains work more than what we would do if we were actually playing the game.

6. I am the champion of any strategy game. I absolutely love strategy games and beat most people at chess and checkers. Hello…INTJ’s are the strategists of the world so wouldn’t this make sense!

7. I am deathly afraid of hornets and wasps. Let’s just say that I’ve been stung so many times…

I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs but there’s only one recently that I have been really enjoying like a lot…a lot and a lot more. Let me introduce you to the wonderful…the talented…also awesome, and might I also add that she knows all of my thoughts. I mean, like literally – she does! I really don’t need to post my ideas on my blog because she’s thought of the same things that I have thought of. Enough of the introductions, here’s the One Red Balloon. I was hooked when I started reading her the beginning of what she’s all about – Definition of her, “An individual with a passionate heart and fiery spirit who seeks the freedom that lies beyond the horizon.” Wow! Just love that! Of course, she’s a fellow INTJ so that explains it all! If you don’t check out her blog, I don’t know about you! Tsk…Tsk. Your mamma aught to be ashamed of you!

Here are the rules to accepting this award. Yeah, I guess there are some rules to this publicity! 😛 I think I did an awesome job at discussing your blog so if you want to call me awesome, I will accept it! No worries!

Try to do better at the 7 facts of yourself than what I did but if you don’t, I won’t judge!

The Rules

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank your nominator because they’re awesome
  • List 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for their awesomeness
  • Post the rules so people know them

As you can see, I need to knock off the rust on me because this post was pretty terrible but I mean everything I said. I guess that’s why I’m so inspiring!

Peace out!

You don’t need to be a celebrity to be great!

Let me pause you, I don’t live for applause so don’t be gaga over me. I’m not your gaga who’s going to spoil you or be your performing monkey trying to make money. The key to real entertainers are not people who are trying to get attention by using their body like Lady Gaga for example who get big pensions. I should mention that I try to embody someone who’s humor and passions are ample to be great!

MUAHAHAHAHA!!! I beat you coldness once again!



One of my favorite things to wear is this jacket that I got from Walmart for $5. I got a different one and wore that one out so much…it’s kind of in shreds now! Opps…

Got two scarves on…let’s just say that I like scarves a lot! I’m kind of a scarves collector!

…and let’s not forget my favorite jeans in the world!!! I’m a jean kind of guy! Don’t really like khaki pants!

My poetic/lyrical first verse of how I came to being and to America:Part 1

I thought of instead of telling you my inspiring story in a normal way but that’s kind of boring. A lot more fun to do it in a poetic/rhyming kind of way. So here it is! Hope you enjoy it! It’s slightly different than the other poetic pieces of work that I’ve done.

I’m not just a rapper but an adapter,

helped my WiFi boost since I saw God at Sinai, my ally,

purify and produced me he did since Harry Potter said “Stupefy”,

my weapons were lo-fi,

awed he simply,

demystify myself so I will rather testify I am not an old wrapper that was used in the latter, 

a snapper turtle, a madder badger with a better bladder.

God, a facade, no a fraud Todd said(bit odd)

since he gave me an escape pod with cod (I applaud)

not saying I’m on the God squad (yet) but he helped me trod on.

Where are my manners, you should be aware and be fair,

was not born in manor.

I declare, no swear that I was an accident of an affair,

bastard son of a turd,

Claire had a flaire to herself  so Pierre took action since he had a passion for her,

sex with her to the max,

relax you say there was latex,

facts are there were cracks in the condemned condem,

I never stared at them for long since she said,  “take care.”

You see, I was abandoned,  done, banned to darkness,

like Loch Ness  hardly seen, I was locked in an abandoned house

less than a mouse since mom was a monster but I’m a songster.

I cried for God, so unfair I compare, was not a son of a billionaire but with a shoddy daddy.

I then heard a blare, it was the police who found me with lice in my hair

my prayer was answered,

that basset hound that found me in the lair.

This is going to sound profound for I was bound to drown but I came around and it felt like I was crowned




One of my most famous quotes that I’m known for!

“Keep on feeding your pride and you’ll find yourself in the future only feeding the pigs” – Me

So you say you “love candy”…Nah, not as much as this guy!

Alright, C August, that’s me
What no Timberland?
How much?
Just C August.
Here we go.
I love candyy’all.
I love candy,
I love candy
The taste, the taste
It makes me feel so grandy
The tart, the bitter, the sour and sweet.
I like it all. So come on and let a brother eat.

‘Cause it’s the 15th, and yeah I just got paid.
I’m working hard for my money to fulfill what I crave.
Not girls or cars or power and respect
But to have all the candy one could possibly collect.
In my backyard,
In a fort that I built.
It has three candy aisles and a freezer full of milk
Turned ice cream.
You know, mixed with oreos and some butterfinger bebes.
Woo, that sounds great.
Give me two, give me three, matter’fact give me four-
Gallons of the mess that make my belly hit the floor.
I’ll eat it. (rawr) until my teeth rot.
Just to see the center of that tootsie roll pop.

I love candy,
I love candy
The taste, the taste
It makes me feel so grandy
The tart, the bitter, the sour and sweets.
There’s nothing like some candy to make a brother want to eat.
I love candy,
I love candy
The taste, the taste
It makes me feel so grandy
The tart, the bitter, the sour and sweet.
There’s nothing like some candy to make a brother want to eat.

I murder trans fats yet I have sans belly.
I spread jelly on my deli disappears like macavelli.
Bam! It’s gone and it’s just not funny.
I ate so much, I got a cramp in my tummy.
‘Cause I went swimmin’.
Nothin’ like a summer snack.
I’ll eat it under water just like a shark attack.
Or while I’m sunbathing.
Come on, I need a hand.
Okay I’ll come back from my fantasy land.
Back here to my house in candy land,
Where I’m the prince, the queen, and, you know, the king.
And I kick it with the sweet-tart necklace bling.
And top it off with a big ole ring.
Pop it in your mouth till the flavor dies.
When it all runs out,
You’ll see a grown man cry.
I used to beg,
But now I eat.
You know, I make my money just to buy my treats.

I love candy,
I love candy.
The taste, the taste
It makes me feel so grandy.
The tart, the bitter, the sour and sweet.
There’s nothing like some candy to make a brother want to eat.
I love candy,
I love candy.
The taste, the taste
It makes me feel so grandy.
The tart, the bitter, the sour and sweet.
There’s nothing like some candy to make a brother want to eat.

I finish my sandwich so I can have my pudding.
I swallow whole Reese cups, you ask “How could he?”
I tunnel the funnel cakes down the right pipe.
How could I be wrong if it tastes so right?
If you didn’t know, let me bring you the news:
I’m a skinny dude with a love for food.
If you don’t understand, this should give you a clue:
Chris is to kit-kats like women are to shoes.
“A smart healthy snack, ” what does that even mean?
Your diet is whack, mine’s like a real-life dream,
With a six-foot twix playing tag in the park.
And a sugar-daddy yellin’, “Son, be home before dark!”

So unwrap this rap, unsnap the snap.
I gotta make room for my two-o’clock snack!
Lions, tigers, gummy bears. Oh my!
My life is complete.
I’m so happy I could die.

I love candy,
I love candy.
The taste, the taste
It makes me feel so grandy.
The tart, the bitter, the sour and sweet.
There’s nothing like some candy to make a brother want to eat.
I love candy,
I love candy.
The taste, the taste
It makes me feel so grandy.
The tart, the bitter, the sour and sweet.
There’s nothing like some candy to make a brother want to eat.

Reese’s cups. Sour-patch kids. Aww, yeah. Haribo gummy bears, anybody?
You know, that kind in the gold package. Name-brand, baby.
None of that cheap stuff. Only the best. Where’s my buncha crunch? Yeah…

Hit that Amazing 150 mark: My all-time favorite blogs and post of yours!


happy 150 followers

Yes, after a small roadblock of losing 5 followers…turns out one of the idiots  was me! I can’t believe, I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing my posts in the wordpress reader. Weird? He was like my MAIN fan! I mean, really!

Anyway, I am over 150 followers now! Truly amazing! Something that I noticed from you guys is that you seem to like and comment on these posts a lot! When I focus my attention on you guys, I get more likes and comments. Makes sense! I should be doing that every day!!!

In honor of getting so much appreciation from you all, I will honor my amazing community with my favorite 3 blogs and post of all time. These are the best of the best and should be honored!

Top blogs!

tied for first- Brooding in the Dusk Pretty much everything and anything

tied for first- Authentically Aurora From dating, humor, inspiring Christian posts, she’s got it all!

Tied for first – Mackenzie on the Fly I nominated her for The Inspiring Award and she definitely is. Amazing travel blog! She’s got everything related to travel!

Newest blogs that I followed in which I’m excited about.


Daisy Chains In The Rain

Bitter Ben 

Rambling Abby


My favorite post of all time:

There have been so many posts but there’s only one post that was so good (might surprise you what it is) that it’s stuck in my head so much that I can’t shake the image. I don’t really follow any make-up or fashion blogs but she also does some other kinds of posts but I saw this on her blog. Make sure you check it out! Pretty creepy and well-done!

Half Zombie by Kellie O’Donoghue

Well, look forward to this kind of post when I reach 200!






Oh please tell me what’s more romantic than taking your date out to Panda Express?


As to conceal her identity (she wouldn’t want me to put a picture of her face anyway) I will just post a picture of what I had to eat on my date with her…I mean all of you girls would probably kill her to get to me …really to get to this amazing romantic meal I mean!

Okay, maybe I could’ve done a little better job of being romantic but we both love Asian/Chinese food. We prefer the informal setting more! I haven’t gone to Panda Express for a long time so when I had Beijing beef (it’s super spicy but great) my mouth…more my tongue was on fire!

The small cups are like this size( which is huge) but I had to drink so much water to cool my mouth down!

download (3)

Picture from

I actually shed a couple of tears, which she enjoyed since I am usually able to keep those tears in. “Aww…Stevie’s (don’t anyone else call me that!) getting all emotional.” Knowing that this would slightly annoy me  she asked, “Am I as hot as the Beijing Beef?” As to which I quickly replied sipping more water, “Right now, you’re being as cold as this water. Not much sympathy I’m receiving here.” To which she replied, “Well, right now you need the cold water to survive…just like you need me to get more water for you.” She then quickly walked up to the water foundation and got me more water. Yeah maybe INTJ girls on the outside can appear to be hard but in the end, they do have heart! I would’ve done the same thing for her…except I wouldn’t have made any comments!

So yeah, it was a typical date that two INTJ’s have, filled with over-the-top emotions, small talk, on our social media/phones, and gossiping about other people…Oh wait, that’s not how we do it! Funny/sarcastic comments with deep questions occupied our date! Oh, but the meal was the best ….I meant second best part of the date!

How is/was your Valentine’s Day?

Would you like it if your date took you out to Panda Express?


Don’t get choked on love today but enjoy it to the fullest!


Friday Night is Movie Night…a time to relax and think about the possibilities of magic!

unnamed (4)

Such a great movie with a great dinner!!

unnamed (5)




Romancing with an INTJ:Part 1 (The Ring Shouldn’t Rule your Heart):Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Day after Valentines to you all! I hope you all had an amazing…perhaps romantic evening with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. I don’t know, but maybe some guy proposed to you or you (a guy) proposed to a girl. All I can say is that it’s not very original and it doesn’t have that surprise feeling to it. No fun there!

Let me quickly get to my main topic of this post before I go on rambling about what days guys should propose to their girlfriends. Here’s the thing, The ring shouldn’t decide whether the girl says, “Yes” or “No.” You see a lot of girls showing off their ring that was used to propose like it’s something that they treasure. I get that getting something gorgeous and worth that much might mean a lot! I’m not saying that the guy should give her something bad for goodness sake! How much does a ring cost these days??? I don’t know but it doesn’t really matter! A couple thousand dollars is still not worth more than a good heart.

Guys always get nervous when they propose and start to doubt that they gave her “The right ring.” You wouldn’t have this feeling if you think the girl truly loves you! I think if a girl or guy truly loves someone, they will accept you no matter what! I can tell you one thing, I’m not going to be super nervous when I propose to someone because of how I set up my friendships and relationships. I set them up to have success. If you will, when we get to that point, we will be so madly in real love (not just because of sexual reasons) that we’ll practically act like we’re married…except we won’t be having sex. Then she’ll be like, “You think we should be married so we can have kids?” I’ll be like, “Might as well. Do I have to really get on my old knees and propose to you? You already know that I love you and my actions prove that.” Your actions not your words are the key to a successful relationship!

Probably won’t exactly go like that but you get my gist…I’m sure. The ring should only be a symbol of part of your love for the other person. It’s showing your commitment to each other. For example, after that young love runs out and you begin to fight and chase each other with knives, you’ll see each other’s rings and realize how much you were committed to each other at the beginning of your relationship. How lovely you say, eh? Of course, if you’re not really committed to each other…won’t be pretty!

Like the ring in Lord of The Rings, it took possession of the person because it was their only desire. If you desire only possessions, status, or looks that the other person has, then your marriage will fail later on. If it does rule your heart, it will corrupt you!


Instead of loving the person, you’ll only love what the person has. You won’t be able to stop thinking about those possessions! This is another form of manipulation… using your possessions as a way to find someone or worse, only marrying a person because of who they are. No wonder why so many celebrities divorce their spouse!

You will spend most of your time with “The Ring” (A.K.A. possessions) that you won’t be paying attention to the person. I mean, poor guy right here. You will never be able to control your possessions for eternity!


This could be part of the reason why so many marriages fails. Those things could easily be gone the next day. It’s sad that sometimes I’m the only one who truly knows what real love is made up of.   What is love according to a person with my personality you might ask? In fact, I would say that people with my personality take the meaning of “love” to a whole new dimension. Could be why it’s hard for us to find someone who we think actually loves us for who we are.

The definition of love according to me is when you “protect, inspire, encourage, care, and respect” someone. If you don’t have all of these characteristics, then you’re relationship or marriage needs a fixin’. If you don’t value any of those characteristics of love, you will never be able to friend or have any kind of relationship with an INTJ. It takes work to make any relationship work but it takes both sides to work with someone like me. It’s worth it for any relationship though. If you want people to later on ask, “How long have you been married?” You say, “50 years!” They are like “Wow. How were you able to be married for so long?” It’s quite simple –  They understand the meaning of true love. I have great respect for people like that. They’ve worked through their differences and truly embrace what real love is all about not just in the good times, but also the bad times.

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Love is a fantasy for many people only because they don’t understand it! I just gave the perfect characteristics as to what love is! It’s not like no one knows what love is all about. You know, I know a pretty handsome bachelor who’s funny, intelligent, musical, great at sports..oh, what am I doing? I’m falling in that trap. No, the best thing about me The Bachelor is that when I love someone, I “protect,  inspire, encourage, care, and respect” them.


*phone ringing from my girlfriend* “Umm, remember I’m your girlfriend. I am those things with you as well.” Well, folks! Looks like I’m taken by a person who truly loves me and I love her, so you’ll have to find some other guy!

Hopefully this post was lovely and mushy enough for you on the Day after Valentines!



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