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Why are girls extremely attracted toward me: is it physical attraction, personality, humor, high morals, or something else?

You might say, “why does it really matter why girls like me? They like you so congratulations!” However, I’m not like it! I’m always suspicious of why people like me or if they are trying to manipulate me into something. You can easily show interest in someone and not like them. I always like to get to the root of why a person likes me.


I couldn’t agree with you more Ben Stiller. If you base your feelings on just their looks, that friendship or relationship will be incredibly shallow, which is not what I want. So girls have always told me that I’m extremely handsome especially if I am in a suit and tie. If you’re not into tall, dark hair, muscular kind of guys…you probably wouldn’t like me but most girls like that. Even college girls have tried to flirt with me!

So I get a lot of looks but I kind of ignore them. Most INTJ’s in high-school are not even into dating. It’s honestly a waste of time when you think about it. I don’t want to have a girlfriend but I’m okay having a girl who’s a friend. This is a filter of mine that has served me quite well. I’m perfectly fine with being great friends with a lot girls, which I actually have more friends who are girls than guys. Guys are so immature at this age! Now this filtering will not work in college of course but before dating someone, I will need to be first friends with them!

So this brings me back to the point, am I just a guy that’s going to be like their “trophy boyfriend.” If so, I’m out of it! If it’s pure friendship, then I’ve got no problem with that and I will hang out with you as much as possible. It’s always those crazy insane girls that have a crush on me. I learned the hard way of what the difference between those girls and the good girl friends who I am interested in.

A lot of girls also like my personality, which is where I get my unique sense of humor. It’s very unique compared to other guys who are just mere copies of each other. My slightly mysterious self is intriguing. Once I let someone in deeper into myself, this filters a few of them out – especially the girls that were just interested in my looks. However, more than not, girls especially love my personality the most! My confidence in my self is also a big attribute of myself that they like.

My high-morals and standards are also a thing that people have to deal with. If you have high-morals and standards, you will come to love and respect me more! If you don’t and just want to have sex with me, you’ll be dropped. This is another filtering mechanism – I am able to see what your intentions are. People always say for us INTJ’s (mostly) to lower our expectations and standards, but this helps me get a sense of who you are exactly. If you’re intimidated by this, then you probably aren’t a good person.

Basically, if you just like 1 part of me, you’ll be immediately removed. I analyze people to figure out why they like me! This is what I’ve used and I have been very successful. This is why I don’t have friend or relationship problems so I don’t have “heart breaking relationship” problems. My friends who are girls know exactly who I am and that probably makes them even more attracted to me.

So yeah, I’m kind proud of who I am you could say. I’m never act cocky around other guys but I do realize that I’m highly desirable because of my full self – my full package if you will. I’m very diverse and this gives me the controls when it comes to relationships and dating.

Other guys either hate me for who I am or they ask me for advice as to how I do it even if they are good-looking. It’s quite simple actually! Respect and be genuine is the most important! Humor always breaks the introvert girls to be more outgoing!

If you’re a female, look for a guy who’s respectful and genuine. Don’t deal with any guy who’s not that way!  That will filter out the idiots/jerks to the genuine guys who will love you for who you are.





Recreating the scene in 50 Shades of Grey+lust+not stopping=rape

So as some of you would know, the great movie for horny and sexual deprived people movie 50 Shades of Grey came out on Valentines Day… how original! Great job Hollywood, didn’t see that one coming! Am I going to be judgmental if you saw it as a girl? Nah…not really but I’m sure you felt like throwing up since you thought, “This isn’t how I learned how to have sex when they taught me about ‘it’ in grade-school. People in Hollywood have umped the ante…I don’t think I can keep up!” Hollywood is always been showing unrealistic and dark themes that make us want to try it out.


I can imagine some guys who asked their girlfriends out to this movie (probably not the best choice) or they went by themselves hoping that after the movie they would find a pretty girl to apply what they learned in the movie. I know…very sick. Instead of asking a girl next to you about going out for a blizzard, you ask her to be part of a “study” and say it’s “purely academic.”

It didn’t quite end up like that but:

50 Shades of Grey rape


Photo Credit: Washington Post

“A college student who has been accused of raping a classmate told authorities he was reenacting scenes from “Fifty Shades of Grey,” authorities said.” -Washington Post

“After bringing the 19-year-old woman back to his dorm room at the University of Illinois at Chicago on Saturday, Mohammad Hossain, 19, used multiple belts to restrain and beat his victim while he assaulted her, the state’s attorney’s office told The Washington Post.” 

Sometimes, people try to make up things because they don’t like that person but for a situation like this, forensics and investigators will be easily able to see if she is telling the truth.

The alleged incident began when Hossain asked the woman — a UIC student he had previously “been intimate with,” but was not currently romantically involved with — to strip for him, Steve Campbell, a spokesperson for State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, told The Post.

After the woman removed all of her clothing except for her underwear and bra, authorities allege, Hossain covered her eyes with a knit cap and bound her hands above her head to the bed. He used a second belt to bind her legs and stuffed a tie in her mouth, authorities said. After removing her remaining clothes, Hossain began striking the woman with another belt. When she asked him to stop, saying “no,” “stop” and “you’re hurting me,” he refused. Hossain continued striking the woman — including with his fists, according to the Tribune —  and “verbally indicated that he would not stop” as the woman shook her head and cried, Campbell told The Post.

When Hossain’s roommate showed up outside the dorm room and attempted to open the door, Hossain held it shut, authorities allege.” -Washington Post

First of all, don’t even get in that position. I mean, that’s just asking for it. Secondly If convicted (I think there’s enough evidence him) , he would be charged from 6 to  30 years in prison. It’s people like this that just make me boiling with rage. In my mind, he should be a dead man since he’s sick and a disgrace. Would I blame Hollywood for this? Not exactly but the kind of unrealistic movies does cause people like this to imagine what it would like to do this.

Yes, I believe in the death penalty for rape and murder. It is not “inhumane” like many liberals say. If you are “inhumane” to commit those crimes, it is only right that you shouldn’t be in society. Just think, another person in jail means that your tax dollars are being used for a rapist to keep on living. Have you ever thought about it?

Plus, liberals also believe that it is fine to end your life with an injection as well. So what’s the difference between the two. How would this be different than being injected with poison just like someone who wants an injection to end their life? Oh, I forgot…the one difference is that person is a murderer or rapist.

Do people ever wonder about the victim…usually a woman? Liberals and I differ on a couple of ideas but this is just ignorant and illogical. Basically, what I’m seeing is that they care more about the  person who committed the crime than the victim.

You know what the Romans would do if this happened? They would crucify you on the cross. It was the most horrible way to die back then because it was “a form of slow and painful execution in which the victim is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang until dead.” – Wiki

Am I necessarily saying that this should be done today? No, not really but this drove fear into many hearts back then and it could be caused as a fear motivator so people start to get the memo that they shouldn’t commit murder or rape. Right now, I believe there is no justice out there in the world. If you remember, I wrote in my poem, “The murderers and rapists are let go/while they reveal their middle-finger at me” because I believe in justice…is that such a bad thing. Right now, people believe that they can do whatever they want and get away with it…or maybe you get some time in jail and pay a huge fine. You even get a couple of chances to not be given the death penalty. My belief is that once you commit a crime, you are not human and you aren’t benefiting society. I believe in mercy and forgiveness but when you mentally or physically hurt someone else there should be no forgiveness from humans.

If you disagree with this, you will never ever be friends with an INTJ person because INTJ’s crave justice. It would be illogical to do anything else. If you were in Russia with Vladamir Putin as president, you wouldn’t last second because it is a capital punishment. I disagree with him on a couple of things but when it comes to morals and values, he is a very typical INTJ.



Oh please tell me what’s more romantic than taking your date out to Panda Express?


As to conceal her identity (she wouldn’t want me to put a picture of her face anyway) I will just post a picture of what I had to eat on my date with her…I mean all of you girls would probably kill her to get to me …really to get to this amazing romantic meal I mean!

Okay, maybe I could’ve done a little better job of being romantic but we both love Asian/Chinese food. We prefer the informal setting more! I haven’t gone to Panda Express for a long time so when I had Beijing beef (it’s super spicy but great) my mouth…more my tongue was on fire!

The small cups are like this size( which is huge) but I had to drink so much water to cool my mouth down!

download (3)

Picture from

I actually shed a couple of tears, which she enjoyed since I am usually able to keep those tears in. “Aww…Stevie’s (don’t anyone else call me that!) getting all emotional.” Knowing that this would slightly annoy me  she asked, “Am I as hot as the Beijing Beef?” As to which I quickly replied sipping more water, “Right now, you’re being as cold as this water. Not much sympathy I’m receiving here.” To which she replied, “Well, right now you need the cold water to survive…just like you need me to get more water for you.” She then quickly walked up to the water foundation and got me more water. Yeah maybe INTJ girls on the outside can appear to be hard but in the end, they do have heart! I would’ve done the same thing for her…except I wouldn’t have made any comments!

So yeah, it was a typical date that two INTJ’s have, filled with over-the-top emotions, small talk, on our social media/phones, and gossiping about other people…Oh wait, that’s not how we do it! Funny/sarcastic comments with deep questions occupied our date! Oh, but the meal was the best ….I meant second best part of the date!

How is/was your Valentine’s Day?

Would you like it if your date took you out to Panda Express?


Why people with an INTJ hate the culture!

“Don’t just follow the crowd but think for yourself so you can be yourself while being passionate and committed at what you do and believe.” – Steve (that would be me)

In today’s world, following the crowd means that you go for the most popular thing to do, which quickly loses its luster when someone comes up with something more exciting else to follow. *nudging all people with an ESFP personality*

After studying the INTJ personality and people who have this personality like me, I’ve realized this belief is at our very core, which is why we are filled with repugnance (disgust) for people who follow the crowd and don’t think…causing us if we’re honest with the world to hate the culture since it is “the root” of why people are trapped with this idiotic mentality.

America’s culture is the worst of all thinking that whatever they believe is correct. Whatever you hear, don’t trust it right away! Think carefully if it makes sense and look it up! I don’t care about the media of America. They say that Russia, China, North Korea, and other Communist countries are the only countries that only give their citizens what they (government) what them to hear but I’ve found out that the United States is sort of the same way. If I watch the news, then I always watch BBC’s News programs since they seem to discuss all of the events…plus, I just like hearing their accents. 😛

Anyway, everything you hear or see should be questioned. Don’t just accept it! According to the 16personalities and I totally agree with this, it says that “At times it will seem that INTJs are bent on deconstructing and rebuilding every idea and system they come into contact with.” This is very true! Many people just except ideas but an INTJ will test that idea many times over and over. Even when that idea has been proven true by them, they will come back to it at a later time and test it again. You ever wonder why people with my personality don’t have a problem with discussing those controversial topics? We are constantly testing them and talking to others and we use and test the information that we receive from those people.

Anyone who says something, needs to stand up for what they believe…if they can’t, then they shouldn’t talk to someone as strong I am in my opinions. Yes, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the meaningless things of life (it doesn’t take me long to realize those things) so I think about all of those other deep subjects. “Anyone who doesn’t have the talent to keep up with INTJs’ processes, or worse yet, doesn’t see the point of them, is likely to immediately and permanently lose their respect.” This is very true as well!

Rules, limitations and traditions are anathema to the INTJ personality type – everything should be open to questioning and reevaluation, and if they see a way, INTJs will often act unilaterally to enact their technically superior, sometimes insensitive, and almost always unorthodox methods and ideas.



People just like to accept what they want to hear (this is called the Misinformation Effect)  or they just accept it so they can move on with their life not thinking about the consequences of what those amazing answers could show. People with my personality don’t necessarily need you to actually believe what we do, just think about it and look at all of the angles. If you do this, you will have a huge amount of respect!

If you’re interested in a topic in which INTJ’s think a lot and think other people just go with the flow and don’t think Go Here: As a Concerned American Citizen

More information on the Misinformation Effect and how you won’t be vulnerable to it at this very interesting website Current Issues and Advances in Misinformation Research.












Love to an INTJ is Really Special in that it Hates to Disappoint What it Loves



Picture from (BTW) she’s a great writer! Love her writings about personalities)

For most INTJ’s, finding our “love” is a very  calculated approach at the beginning, which is like how we (INTJ) approach everything. We think about something but when we start to love something or feel passionate about something, we would pretty much do anything to get that idea or do anything for that person… you could say that this is when we start to show our “human side.” However, there is a problem with this and I’ve seen it so many times. When we find this person, this person is so amazing and perfect that we start to doubt ourselves. Am I good enough for this perfect person? Yes, even a person with this personality can doubt themselves because we love that person so much that we realize we aren’t good enough for them. There’s someone else better for them. You would think that since we are desiring someone amazing because for most of the part, we are probably the most confidence personality, we would feel good enough for anybody. However, like everyone, no matter what the personality would be, we still doubt ourselves because we want the best for that person. In a sense, if you are a true INTJ, you want the best for other people (especially if you love and respect them). You desperately want other people to succeed in life.

Most INTJ’s won’t just drop it without telling their girlfriend or boyfriend why they are breaking up with them. They will tell you exactly how they feel. I was reading a forum on a personality discussion that all of these INTJ’s were talking to each other (Some of you might say this is weird but this is something that so many of us do) and there was this INFJ person who wrote about a letter that her boyfriend(INTJ) sent her and I thought this would be exactly the kind of letter that I would write. This explains an INTJ at their very roots.

“I can’t know if it is the right decision or the wrong decision. I just feel that with time it will eventually come to this same conclusion. For me, the decision is about whether or not it’s right to waste anymore of your time if I can’t see us together forever. The truth is I don’t know why my mind is clouded and why I can’t commit to the idea of the two of us happy forever. Maybe I’m just selfish even beyond my own control. I know that the part of our separation I dreaded the most was causing you pain.”

Do people with this personality have feelings? Absolutely!!!!



Learning about INTJ personalities:Part 2


Here are some of the questions and answers that I picked on my most recent test. Now, I’m not saying that all people with my personality will pick the exact same answer but it is usually pretty close with what I have seen.

Most agree is 1 to most disagree is 7. I know… kind of weird numbers to use but it is what it is!

You find it easy to introduce yourself to people?

6 Definitely! I’ve built up so many filters because people who I trusted in the past that I thought were good, didn’t turn out to be. So as you can imagine, it does take me a while to not only introduce myself but have a conversation. First I observe how they interact with other people.

You often get so lost in thoughts that you ignore or forget your surroundings?

3 I did say I’m a thinker. I am constantly thinking so I do sometimes choose to ignore or don’t pay attention to what is happening around me. Although, I am now able to think and at least what it is happening around me.

Emotional movies can easily make you sad

5 Most of those movies do not make me easily sad. Most of those “sad or drama” kind of movies seem fake to me compared to what my life or other lives that I know went through. If anything, with those movies that are based on true events (say World War movies) just make me mad that people could do those things to other people.

You like to leave matters undecided for as long as possible as there may be better options down the road

7 This is something that I strongly disagree with. I never leave matters undecided. I am always a person who constantly thinks about something so I can come to a logical solution and move on to the next problem. I am never one to linger.If a better option comes down the road, then my solution will usually bear that in mind so I will be able to improvise on my plan. You could say that this is why I’m way more mature than a lot of people my age because I’ve discovered the solutions to many problems.

You do not mind being at the center of attention?

7. Even when I’m with my friends and all extroverted, I will not be the center of attention. I will always try to put the attention on someone else. Never try to continue to make a person with my personality do something they definitely don’t want to do. By the 5th time of you asking them to do something, they will 1. Probably have strong resentment toward you. 2. Definitely won’t want to do it. So it’s best to just drop it! I also do way better with a person one-on-one.

You find it difficult to start talking when you do not yet know how exactly you will present your idea?

2 I find this to be very true. I never open my mouth unless I’ve thought about something so much. I would have to come up with something so concrete and true/logical that when I open my mouth, I am telling the truth and only giving wisdom. It definitely helps to be a very deep thinker.

You are often envious of others?

6 No way am I envious of others. I don’t really care what other people have or are. I don’t really care to be like another person. I am a person who prides himself on being unique. The best thing about me is that I am not you but me!

An interesting book or a video game is often better than a social event

1 By Far! Notice a 1 on this answer. Anything that concerns a big social event, I will try to stay as far as possible. I don’t mind being with a couple of my friends playing a game or whatever but social events are. *sticks finger in mouth* Yeah, part of it is because I analyze people and with so many people, it gets kind of tiring, which is why when I get home, I’m usually exhausted and to think that my mom (ESTP) the exact opposite wants to do some more social activities. Yeah, we clash a lot!

Being able to develop a plan and stick to it is the most important part of every project

1 If you can’t stick to something, don’t even bother starting it. I am a very committed person in everything in life including friendships. If you can’t put in the effort, then I don’t even want to bother with you because I always put in all of my effort.

It is a challenge for you to look at criticism objectively

6 I will take any criticism that I receive, even when it’s harshly said as long as it is logical. In fact, any logical criticism that I receive is probably something that I already know about myself and am trying to work on.

If the room is full, you stay closer to the walls, avoiding the center

1 I am always at the sides of the walls talking to my friends who I am comfortable being around. In fact, if my parents want me to go somewhere, I always ask them if [insert name] is going so I can talk to them. I then quickly get to them and have meaningful and funny conversations and sometimes, we watch other people and discuss how they (the partiers) can do some of the most stupid things and then laugh about it.

Is justice more important than mercy?

This one was so hard for me because I think justice is so important and yet I believe in foreignness and I have forgiven people many times for their faults in yet if another person kills, abuses, or rapes (sexual abuses) another person – I will go with justice every single time. Things like that should not be allowed PERIOD If you let a person go, then they will do the same thing again and again until you kill  “stop their beating heart” is probably a nicer way of saying it and yes, I believe in Capital Punishment for major crimes. So this is a 3 on most agree. Anything else happens, I will definitely show mercy.

What are your thoughts? What’s your personality? What would you have answered on those questions? If you don’t know, this test is one of the best.



Learning about INTJ personalities:Part 1

You ever take those personalities tests? Well, I’ve taken many of those tests and I’ve come up with an INTJ personality pretty much every single time these last couple of years. Sometimes the percentage of the I, N, T, J changes- the changes can be different each day depending on what your “feelings”…yes, I am using that word even though I don’t have a “F” in my personality. I do still having feelings but my thinking is usually dominant over it.

Anyway, the last time I took the test my introvert was at a percentage of 61% to be exact. Now, this number might be seem high and it is but if I’m with someone that I’m comfortable with being around, that will change greatly and I will act like any other extrovert…maybe even more. The INTJ personality is known as the most extroverted type of introverts because it’s all about trust and respect. If I trust or respect you, then I’ll immediately change my attitude.

Even though I’m incredibly observant (which is the S in the personality) I’m always labeled as N. N is  Intuitive. I am only at 16% though.

Thinking is at 31%. In my case and with many other people with my personality, you will find a common thread most of the time. A person with my personality in the past might and probably was more of a F, but then something happened in their life that caused them to not trust their feelings – whether there was a heartbreak…basically their feelings led them astray and hurt them. We don’t like to become vulnerable to our feelings (even though we will always have them) but we use our thinking ability as a tool to see if say, a person really loves us. If they don’t, then we don’t deal with them because we do not want to go through that pain again. I can’t tell you how many times before my personality really morphed in the personality that I have now that my feelings misguided me into thinking that people who said that they loved me really didn’t.  The “T” in our personality is very unique because it is different than other “T” personalities I know. They don’t come up with the conclusion to use their thinking ability over feelings because of that reason.

Judging is at 28%. My kind of judging is quite different than the judging you would think. It’s more like over analyzing a person and see what I can tell about them. I never judge a person unless I see all of the facts. Also, judging also means that I am quite decisive and I am not the kind of person to break rules if I find those rules to be logical and put in place to help people.

There’s always two types of the same personality whether it’s assertive or turbulent. I am 39% assertive and this means that I am generally calm, relaxed, and emotionally stable. I used to be a lot more turbulent when I was younger but I learned to control myself and any good INTJ will NEED… no MUST control themselves. I always like to say that there is nothing worse than a turbulent INTJ. Like I said before, you don’t just become this personality when you are born (although I do believe there is some genetics that are involved) but you mostly become this personality because of past experiences…bad experiences like I said before. INTJ’s are known as not very emotional people but they are if they admit it. Our emotions seem to be amplified  with the big hurts of life. So you have to realize, an INTJ person usually has a lot of pain and hate, which makes them so dangerous in some ways with people who made them angry.


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