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Why are girls extremely attracted toward me: is it physical attraction, personality, humor, high morals, or something else?

You might say, “why does it really matter why girls like me? They like you so congratulations!” However, I’m not like it! I’m always suspicious of why people like me or if they are trying to manipulate me into something. You can easily show interest in someone and not like them. I always like to get to the root of why a person likes me.


I couldn’t agree with you more Ben Stiller. If you base your feelings on just their looks, that friendship or relationship will be incredibly shallow, which is not what I want. So girls have always told me that I’m extremely handsome especially if I am in a suit and tie. If you’re not into tall, dark hair, muscular kind of guys…you probably wouldn’t like me but most girls like that. Even college girls have tried to flirt with me!

So I get a lot of looks but I kind of ignore them. Most INTJ’s in high-school are not even into dating. It’s honestly a waste of time when you think about it. I don’t want to have a girlfriend but I’m okay having a girl who’s a friend. This is a filter of mine that has served me quite well. I’m perfectly fine with being great friends with a lot girls, which I actually have more friends who are girls than guys. Guys are so immature at this age! Now this filtering will not work in college of course but before dating someone, I will need to be first friends with them!

So this brings me back to the point, am I just a guy that’s going to be like their “trophy boyfriend.” If so, I’m out of it! If it’s pure friendship, then I’ve got no problem with that and I will hang out with you as much as possible. It’s always those crazy insane girls that have a crush on me. I learned the hard way of what the difference between those girls and the good girl friends who I am interested in.

A lot of girls also like my personality, which is where I get my unique sense of humor. It’s very unique compared to other guys who are just mere copies of each other. My slightly mysterious self is intriguing. Once I let someone in deeper into myself, this filters a few of them out – especially the girls that were just interested in my looks. However, more than not, girls especially love my personality the most! My confidence in my self is also a big attribute of myself that they like.

My high-morals and standards are also a thing that people have to deal with. If you have high-morals and standards, you will come to love and respect me more! If you don’t and just want to have sex with me, you’ll be dropped. This is another filtering mechanism – I am able to see what your intentions are. People always say for us INTJ’s (mostly) to lower our expectations and standards, but this helps me get a sense of who you are exactly. If you’re intimidated by this, then you probably aren’t a good person.

Basically, if you just like 1 part of me, you’ll be immediately removed. I analyze people to figure out why they like me! This is what I’ve used and I have been very successful. This is why I don’t have friend or relationship problems so I don’t have “heart breaking relationship” problems. My friends who are girls know exactly who I am and that probably makes them even more attracted to me.

So yeah, I’m kind proud of who I am you could say. I’m never act cocky around other guys but I do realize that I’m highly desirable because of my full self – my full package if you will. I’m very diverse and this gives me the controls when it comes to relationships and dating.

Other guys either hate me for who I am or they ask me for advice as to how I do it even if they are good-looking. It’s quite simple actually! Respect and be genuine is the most important! Humor always breaks the introvert girls to be more outgoing!

If you’re a female, look for a guy who’s respectful and genuine. Don’t deal with any guy who’s not that way!  That will filter out the idiots/jerks to the genuine guys who will love you for who you are.





Learning about INTJ personalities:Part 2


Here are some of the questions and answers that I picked on my most recent test. Now, I’m not saying that all people with my personality will pick the exact same answer but it is usually pretty close with what I have seen.

Most agree is 1 to most disagree is 7. I know… kind of weird numbers to use but it is what it is!

You find it easy to introduce yourself to people?

6 Definitely! I’ve built up so many filters because people who I trusted in the past that I thought were good, didn’t turn out to be. So as you can imagine, it does take me a while to not only introduce myself but have a conversation. First I observe how they interact with other people.

You often get so lost in thoughts that you ignore or forget your surroundings?

3 I did say I’m a thinker. I am constantly thinking so I do sometimes choose to ignore or don’t pay attention to what is happening around me. Although, I am now able to think and at least what it is happening around me.

Emotional movies can easily make you sad

5 Most of those movies do not make me easily sad. Most of those “sad or drama” kind of movies seem fake to me compared to what my life or other lives that I know went through. If anything, with those movies that are based on true events (say World War movies) just make me mad that people could do those things to other people.

You like to leave matters undecided for as long as possible as there may be better options down the road

7 This is something that I strongly disagree with. I never leave matters undecided. I am always a person who constantly thinks about something so I can come to a logical solution and move on to the next problem. I am never one to linger.If a better option comes down the road, then my solution will usually bear that in mind so I will be able to improvise on my plan. You could say that this is why I’m way more mature than a lot of people my age because I’ve discovered the solutions to many problems.

You do not mind being at the center of attention?

7. Even when I’m with my friends and all extroverted, I will not be the center of attention. I will always try to put the attention on someone else. Never try to continue to make a person with my personality do something they definitely don’t want to do. By the 5th time of you asking them to do something, they will 1. Probably have strong resentment toward you. 2. Definitely won’t want to do it. So it’s best to just drop it! I also do way better with a person one-on-one.

You find it difficult to start talking when you do not yet know how exactly you will present your idea?

2 I find this to be very true. I never open my mouth unless I’ve thought about something so much. I would have to come up with something so concrete and true/logical that when I open my mouth, I am telling the truth and only giving wisdom. It definitely helps to be a very deep thinker.

You are often envious of others?

6 No way am I envious of others. I don’t really care what other people have or are. I don’t really care to be like another person. I am a person who prides himself on being unique. The best thing about me is that I am not you but me!

An interesting book or a video game is often better than a social event

1 By Far! Notice a 1 on this answer. Anything that concerns a big social event, I will try to stay as far as possible. I don’t mind being with a couple of my friends playing a game or whatever but social events are. *sticks finger in mouth* Yeah, part of it is because I analyze people and with so many people, it gets kind of tiring, which is why when I get home, I’m usually exhausted and to think that my mom (ESTP) the exact opposite wants to do some more social activities. Yeah, we clash a lot!

Being able to develop a plan and stick to it is the most important part of every project

1 If you can’t stick to something, don’t even bother starting it. I am a very committed person in everything in life including friendships. If you can’t put in the effort, then I don’t even want to bother with you because I always put in all of my effort.

It is a challenge for you to look at criticism objectively

6 I will take any criticism that I receive, even when it’s harshly said as long as it is logical. In fact, any logical criticism that I receive is probably something that I already know about myself and am trying to work on.

If the room is full, you stay closer to the walls, avoiding the center

1 I am always at the sides of the walls talking to my friends who I am comfortable being around. In fact, if my parents want me to go somewhere, I always ask them if [insert name] is going so I can talk to them. I then quickly get to them and have meaningful and funny conversations and sometimes, we watch other people and discuss how they (the partiers) can do some of the most stupid things and then laugh about it.

Is justice more important than mercy?

This one was so hard for me because I think justice is so important and yet I believe in foreignness and I have forgiven people many times for their faults in yet if another person kills, abuses, or rapes (sexual abuses) another person – I will go with justice every single time. Things like that should not be allowed PERIOD If you let a person go, then they will do the same thing again and again until you kill  “stop their beating heart” is probably a nicer way of saying it and yes, I believe in Capital Punishment for major crimes. So this is a 3 on most agree. Anything else happens, I will definitely show mercy.

What are your thoughts? What’s your personality? What would you have answered on those questions? If you don’t know, this test is one of the best.



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